Some people are flakey

Since I had been purging my closets, etc., we had a garage sale this weekend. For whatever reason, it kind of flopped. Usually there are more people at garage sales in this town, so I don't know what happened. That's really not the point of the post though.

In order to get people there, I posted some pictures in the buy/sale/trade groups on Facebook. I do this with our craft items and sometimes get customers out of the deal. Other times people from a nearby town have me make stuff, then flake on me. 

The problem I have had today, and in the past, is people ask about items, say they want them, and then make no effort to come get them. I clearly posted we were having a garage sale, no one bothered to notice it said, "Saturday," and asked about Sunday. No one around here does Sunday garage sales. 

I had numerous people ask about a set of tables. I gave prices. One guy said he would message when he got off work. Nothing. Stop being flakey! 

Don't ask unless you are serious. It just wastes everyone's time and annoys the seller. 

One woman wanted a set of palm tree hat boxes I had. There were 5 sizes for $10. She wanted me to meet her in the next town up the road. It's a quick trip, but my time was worth more than that, not to mention the gas to get up there. I'm not meeting you somewhere for a $10 item. I don't need to sell it that bad. She would probably flake on me too once I got up there. Just like that woman who flaked on my parents after they spent an hour at Walmart waiting on someone. (She was from the same town as the people I refer to above.)

There's some things I put in the sale just to have more room. Well, guess what. I have to make room to bring them back home because I would rather keep them than just give the stuff away. So much for that!