Evidently Wednesday night nap time was my only good idea

I've talked before about my nightmare experience of teaching school. That experience lasted one semester. I still have dreams about trying it again, and every time I wonder why I think it would be any better.

Teaching class at church on Sunday mornings usually aren't so bad, but sometimes Wednesday nights remind me of why my I didn't last long. Yet, I volunteered to take every Wednesday night for the summer. Long story.

Sometimes it just depends on the kids. Right now, I'm challenged by one in particular who believes what he says goes. After this child did get thumped in the head for not stopping whatever it was he was doing to make the table squeak, I finally got him and the one other child that was there last night to answer some review questions. Then, at the end of class, he asked if they could take a nap.

Earlier in the summer I was joking around about taking a nap and they were all agreeable. For 15 minutes, I let them lay on the floor with the lights out before I felt guilty enough that they should be doing something Bible related. I did talk a little about the 7th day of creation because that seemed appropriate.

Just one month left of the summer. I've been taking every Wednesday night with them. I'm beginning to think nap time may be the best approach after all. Making song videos to share on my Sunday blog sure isn't working!