It didn't turn out to be a complete disaster

Last Saturday night I had big time buyer's remorse over that boatload of laptops I bought. I was having issues with ones were supposed to be working. Working on computer issues gives me major anxiety, so all this mess didn't help.

I had two good ones that I knew were good apart from the two other lots, and for two days I kept trying to upgrade Windows on them. One worked and installed 10 while the other one was stuck on 8.

At one point, my brother called and asked, "Is this Best Buy?"

My prompt answer was, "This is Worst Buy!"

Then I went through like 50 others to see if I could get logged in. I finally came up with enough to cover all the kids in my sister-in-law's first grade class, so I was able to recoup most of my investment.

I still have 14 that I think will work if I can get someone to crack the passwords. (Where is Huck from Scandal when you need him?) There are 20-something I have to test that are "Computers 2 Go" that should work for a classroom if anyone is interested. If I can get those two sets in some kind of working order, it will really help a school out.

Then, there are some we don't have chargers the right size to test, a stack with broken screens and another pile of non-functioning. I'm hoping to sell for parts to someone who works on old computers to rehab them for ministries or to sell. I have to finish figuring out my inventory on those first. Getting something for those would be really awesome.

I also have a large supply of cigarette lighter chargers for the 1st graders who drive. I have no clue what I am going to do with those.

While I have been avoiding testing one group, I really need to. I'm tired of my house looking like a warehouse and I know Dad wants the non-working out of his garage. Every time mom thinks the garage is going to be cleared out (like after dad got his workshop out back or a garage sale), it feels back up. I'm going to be hearing from her soon.