I never get around to the bulk of my to-do list

On any given day, I never get to the bulk of my to-do list, and that spills over to the weekend. Every Saturday. 

I end up running errands then get pulled into someone else's project (something Dad wants or needs done, for example) instead of whatever I creative project I wanted to get around to.

I went down to Not So Plain Jayne where we (The Crafty Dad and Daughter) now have some items. They sold a lot of book letters, so I went down to inventory what they needed me to bring back. I had planned for Dad to cut some more, but by the time I got home and started doing some stuff around the house, I got a text that people were asking about missing letters. So after I got through hanging up my paper flowers that have been sitting around for a month, I had to dig out letters.

Before I continue along those lines, this is how they are currently hanging. This room is so dark with the paneling, it's hard to take a good picture with the flash. I'm not sure if I like the arrangement or not.

So anyway, I went down there to take books and ended up staying hours helping to rearrange stuff at the shop and running around town to take more stuff down there. 

When I got home, Brian and Amanda came to pick up some of the computers occupying a big chunk of space. I'm glad to get those out.

When I moved the bookshelf out last weekend to take down to the new shop, I had stacks of piled up. I had to take everything off another shelf to move it across the room. Then, I had move all the books from both shelves back onto the one I moved. Then, I had to move tables around the craft studio to get the antique desk I bought at an auction a couple of weeks ago to a corner. Oh, and it wasn't just all books on that shelf as is obvious in this picture:

Needless to say, I did not get the desk painted though I did buy the chalk paint to do so. That's another project for another day. Week. Month. Heck, it may be after the first of the year at the rate I'm going. 

Isn't my life fascinating?