The finale of #thebachelorette was not a shocker

I don't really think there is going to be a surprise when it comes to what happens at the end of the night on The Bachelorette. So what if Rachel has a running commentary through the evening on the set of After the Final Rose?

No one believes she has anything going on with Eric. She wants an official engagement which Peter hasn't been ready for. She's been into Bryan from the get go, whether I have gotten it or not.

Rachel is kind of nervous watching it back. She hasn't watched his episode back and usually watches by herself. This all went down in May. The three men are all watching in their own rooms with nervous faces like they don't know how it all went down. Maybe they said something to the cameras that they didn't say to Rachel and area about to get busted.

I just saw a Tweet from Chris Harrison that was a few hours ago about the rehearsal for the live show. I'm not sure what there was to rehearse, so how genuine is all this going to be?

Chris chats with Rachel a little bit about Peter before starting the episode. Rachel admits she was trying to stick it out with Peter, but knew something was going on since Geneva. In Spain, Peter asks what will happen if he's not ready to actually propose.

Rachel gets emotional because she realizes how much she cares for him. She knows Peter cares a lot for her, but she doesn't want to just date someone when it is all said and done. She had a five year relationship she thought was moving towards marriage, but never got there.

Rachel doesn't question Peter's feelings, but thinks she needs more time to fix the problem because she thinks Peter is fighting what's going on. She gives him the invitation to the suite. Peter wants to spend as much time as humanly possible with her, so accepts.

Something is still seeming too much like the old relationship Rachel had. She hopes for clarity in the morning, but we know that isn't likely. If there is, she'll get confused again.

The next morning, Peter says his doubts are starting to go away. He tells her he thinks all their time together gives them a lot to think about in the coming days when they are away from each other.

By the way, I had to go back and look at my post from two weeks ago to confirm that she had already gone on her overnight with Eric. I thought she had, but I couldn't remember. Too much has gone through my head in the past two weeks. If you are like me, and don't remember, he thought it went great and their connection is awesome. There was no substance to their discussions.

Last date in the fantasy suite round: Bryan

They are going to go horseback riding through vineyards. After riding a while, they talk about how it went with her family. He says he was honest with them and "this it went good." It went well, not good Dr. Bryan, but anywhoo.

Rachel wouldn't change anything about her date, but there's something... or not something. For some reason, there was something off. Cue clip of Rachel watching live with a look on her face.

Now Chris Harrison is going to make her talk about it. It's hard because she knows what she was feeling at the time. But she can't say much, of course.

Later in the date Bryan acknowledges that he knows it has been hard, but he realizes something was a little off and his energy has been a little down too. Getting that said brings spirits up, it seems. She hands off the fantasy suite card.

Of course, the next morning, all is right with the world.

This next rose ceremony is the one that Rachel went home on, so she knows what it's all about.

Bryan is the kind of man she wants. Secure and confident. She thinks they are in a good place, but wants to make sure they aren't living in a fantasy.

With Eric, their relationship has moved at such an extreme rate. She isn't confused. She knows how he feels and there have been no speed bumps. (I still haven't seen all this!)

When it comes to Peter, she doesn't know what he wants, so she doesn't know what she wants.

The first rose goes tBo Bryan. She decides to give the second rose to Peter.

It's time for Rachel to say goodbye to Eric. Rachel tells Eric she loves him, but is not "in love." He thanks her for being open which allowed him to be open and learn a lot in the process. "Troof be known, I will always love you. It's the troof," he says.

Eric's going to miss the whole entirety of her he muses as he drives away.

In the rose ceremony, Rachel makes a point of saying she expects a proposal. Peter knows he has one date left. 

Before we get to the final dates, Eric has to come out on the live show to talk. He talks how about Rachel said she loved him before getting dumped the next day. 

Rachel thought they had something great, but wasn't as far along with him as the others.

Eric says he was confident during the rose ceremony and wasn't really worried. He is grateful because he loved someone for the first time and was able to grow as a person.

The LAST date with Bryan involves a hot air balloon ride. He's a little nervous at first (as I would be too).  It has to be awkward for the balloon pilot and the camera man in such close quarters as the making out is going on. 

Bryan is ready to propose. He tells her he would be heartbroken to lose her and it would be a mistake if she picked anyone else.

Later on, laying across a bed, Bryan gives her a Spanish-English dictionary with special phrases she needs to know.

She really likes Peter, but she really wants him to be sure of a proposal. If he were more sure, I think he could be the one. He knows that what she said about wanting an engagement at the last rose ceremony was pointed at him. 

Rachel and Peter go to a monastery where a monk talks to them about marriage. He only wants to propose once. A proposal means marriage to him so he wants to be sure. Marriage doesn't scare him, multiple marriages scare him.

All the future talk is freaking her out. She doesn't think Peter wants a future with her because of how he talks about wanting to be sure about the person he proposes to, yet he talks about what they will be doing in the future so she is really confused.

Rachel didn't know what she was hoping for today. She thinks she's looking for something that is not there. She is looking for clarity. They talk in her room about the rose ceremony. Rachel says she was speaking to him. Peter says he realized that. Peter says his feelings are growing, but they are so recent that he doesn't feel like he's ready to ask her to marry him tomorrow. Yet, he doesn't want to lose her tomorrow.

Rachel says he confuses her because of all these future details he discusses with her. Yet, he's not ready for it now. Peter wants these steps to happen in time. Rachel doesn't want to get stuck in the same pattern she has with other men up until now. Peter apologizes it has taken him this long, but this would be acting on impulse. He wants to try to spend his life with her, but he is not ready to pull the trigger now. He chooses to have ONE OPPORTUNITY. She doesn't respect that.

She is really kind of mean about it. I get her goal at the end. Bryan is saying, "I want this and I want it with you now." That's what she wants. Peter is more cautious and serious about what relationships are. I understand what she wants, but she should be more respectful about why Peter can't give her what she wants.

Peter thinks Rachel is the right person, but that it's not the right time. They argue over how things won't be different tomorrow. He's willing to give up what he believes in to not lose her. Rachel asks if he will resent her for it. He hopes he's mature enough not to.

They go round and round and round about what she wants vs. what he's comfortable with. He can give her a great life, but if she wants to go off and have a mediocre life, she can do it. Peter tells her if she changes her mind, she knows where to find him. With that, he walks her to the door.

The whole thing is... she doesn't know what she wants. Why should he know?

Rachel and Chris Harrison talk about that evening. Rachel said she cried her eyelashes off. He points out that the two of them did not actually say goodbye. 

Peter has been watching in the back and is very emotional. He may even be laying in the fetal position between some boxes backstage. The fact that Peter is brought out now spoils what is to come. The conversation on stage is much the same as what they had talked about all night.

Peter had been asking himself if something was wrong with him. Rachel says the show was not meant for him because he just goes at a different pace.

Peter apologizes for making the comment he did about the mediocre life. He didn't remember saying it in the moment. Rachel is all, "oh, yes you did! I am living my best life." She's got some sass.

Rachel talks about being frustrated with it all. Peter is frustrated too. He feels attacked which she doesn't get. I understand why he's upset. He wouldn't change what happened that night, but he said it was hard as he walked by her eyelashes on the ground for two days because no one would clean them up.

That night was the end for Rachel, and when he tried to reach out to her again, the answer was no.

I feel like she is kind of being mean towards him. She was ruder than she needed to be.

Rachel is still feeling the meh of the night before as Bryan visits with Neil Lane to pick out a ring. 

When Bryan arrives, it is extremely windy. He says the same thing to her when he arrives that he did when he got out of the limo. I don't know what that was. It was in Spanish. 

The wind is so strong on the microphones they were unable to edit it out. She talks to him about looking for cracks since things didn't seem real. Then she talks about her forever and he tries to kiss her before she is finished with her speech. He can't wait to get down on his knee. She's jumping up and down to see her ring. It's like a hurricane is going to hit. Her hair is a complete mess from how it was styled.

She gives him the final rose and all is giddiness.

Back to the live show... 

Bring on the public displays of affection. He re-proposes so she can put on the ring.

Rachel wants a winter wedding, so they might be planning that. They don't know where they will live... LA? Dallas? Miami? They just want to bring their lives together.

There isn't much more of them to share. It's on to other things.

They move on to previews of Bachelor in Paradise and what happened when production was shut down after whatever went down with Corinne and DiMario. Then production was back on and the season would air.

Earlier tonight I thought I might be tempted to blog about BIP even though I said I would not. What else do I have to do, right? (WRONG - I have so much other stuff to do. So much.)

After seeing these previews, there is no way I am going to blog on all this smut. I don't like these people and it's a hot skanky mess.