My annual tradition of hiding in my house and turning out the lights

I dislike Halloween.

This is my annual rant. 

I confess: I stayed home from church--the dinner, class, Truck or Treat, the whole bit--because I didn't want to get out and almost run anyone down. It's so bad here in my town. If you don't almost run over people being less than wise, it's getting behind people who are less than wise with kids too old to be beginning for candy hanging off the back of a car or a trailer to get to neighborhoods outside their own. 

Dad needed to bring something over, and it's really dark over here. I had to turn on the light for him which was just inviting someone to knock on my door. I got after him for taking his sweet time getting over here and in. I think he almost ran over someone on his way home. 

At any rate, because I feel the need to share craft photos, these are are two-sided pumpkins. One side says, "Happy Halloween" or "rick or Treat" and the other has "Give Thanks" so that you can use it for two months/holidays. I guess the month count depends on how soon you start decorating for Halloween and for Christmas. It seems like everyone is starting to talk about decorating for Christmas beginning tomorrow.

I can assure you, if I get any decorating in this year, it's going to be a while before I get my start.