The Bachelor: Peter: Week 5: Everybody cries sometimes

I don't know why I torture myself weekly after a long Monday of work. And this week, we get bits and pieces of the Iowa Caucus all night.

Oh, and two nights of it this week!

Here we are with this week's episode of The Bachelor.

We're at the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony. Everyone is ticked off that Alayah is back and are ready to go off on Peter.

Peter has pulled off Alayah again to talk. He knows she's a good person and doesn't care what anyone else says. From night one, she opened up to him and it meant so much to him. There's been a connection. However, with everything that has happened, he needs to send her home again and walks her out.

We're back to 15 again.

Peter stands outside for a while after sending her off. All the women sit around and wait for him to come back in and talk about what went down.

He tells them that he's only human and is going to make mistakes. He admits he probably comes off as wishy-washy. She wasn't the one meant for him. He knows what he wants. He values them, hears them, trusts them and hopes they feel the same.

He asks Natasha to talk next. He jokes that he is surprised that she is still around after all he put them through (referring to the football game where she got banged up). He apologizes for the toxic house he left them in the past couple of days. Natasha says she didn't rally have an issue with Alayah, just that all the drama took away from the rest of them.

Tammy complains to him about him. He apologizes.

He apologizes to Victoria P.

One by one, the same kind of thing. He may have actually got one-on-one time with them all.

Chris comes in to ring the bell or ring the glass. Time is up.

Victoria F. has a rose. Kelsey has a rose. The group date rose went to Alayah who just left again.

We all know who among the group might as well go home now. We can eliminate at least half, can't we? Even among those talking about their relationships progressing...
  1. Madison
  2. Sydney
  3. Natasha
  4. Lexi
  5. Hannah Ann
  6. Shiann (WHY? She has the worst expression on her face at all times.)
  7. Mykenna
  8. Victoria P. 
  9. Kelley
  10. Tammy
Why does Chris Harrison come in before the last rose of the night and state the obvious? 

The women going home are Deandra (who is shocked and confused), Kiarra and Savannah.

Now, we had to Costa Rica, which of course, "is a perfect place to fall in love." You may now cover that square of your Bachelor BINGO card.

The women are ready to get over the drama. Odds are, it's only going to get worse.

Kelley is tired from traveling, but she's a traveler. She's been to 26 cities. She's ready to spend time with Peter, but he's dating SEVERAL other girls.

The women await Peter to show up via helicopter. He arrives with a bandage on his forehead. He says he was exploring a bath on the way up a volcano where he met a puma face-to-face. He had the women going. What actually happened is that he hit his head a golf cart when he arrived at the lobby. He had a glass in his hand and broke the glass against his head. It took 22 stitches to close his head.

The first date goes to Sydney. She gets to be Sydney without distractions. She says their relationship is finally taking flight today. 

Now the whining begins. "It wasn't me." "I haven't had a date in a week." "Costa Rica is more romantic than Cleveland." 


Deep breath. Thirteen hours of computer time today.

Sydney and Peter fly over the volcano and spot a waterfall. The scenery is beautiful.

Back at the hotel, Kelsey is whining big time to Hannah Ann. She strikes me as emotionally unstable which I am pretty sure is coming up later in this episode.

Sydney and Peter have a picnic. These chats bore me and are all the same. She talks about her diversity. Her mom is blond hair/blue eyes. Her dad is African American and Dominican. He calls her the best kisser as I was just about to type at how loud they kiss. She accidentally bangs him in the head while kissing.

The women sulk around the hotel room, waiting for the next date card to arrive. It's a group date.

"Shiann, Kelsey, Victoria F., Madison, Nastasha, Victoria P., Lexi, Hannah Ann, Tammy and Mykeena - Let's capture our love today."

That means Kelly gets the one-on-one. She doesn't have a sob story to get off of her chest to make a connection with him, so she's unsure of how it will go. She's not super excited. Maybe she's over him. 

Back to the date... Sydney tries to explain why she is mysterious. She's only seen her dad, "like five times in my whole life." She thinks not having money and the best things are part of it. I can give her that it was hard for her to be bi-racial in Alabama. She ate her lunch in the bathroom her whole senior year. It takes her some time to open up.

He gives her the rose, then they had off to get after it in the pool with a waterfall. I don't need to see all that.

At the hotel, Kelsey is very, very sad. She doesn't like seeing Peter with other people. Tammy tries to tell her that it is what they signed up for. One second Kelsey says she likes Sydney that she's cool. The next second, she calls Sydney a dramatic *itch. Literally, she flips a switch.

Tammy thinks Kelsey is a hot mess and tells the rest of the women about the insanity. After all, Kelsey cried about champagne for four days. 

It's group date time. They meet up in the jungle and head to the waterfall for a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan. They are going to be the models for the March fashion issue.

They are supposed to open up and show who they are. Based on how they perform, the editor will choose one woman to be on the cover with Peter. They have to pick a swimsuit they love.

Shiann always looks pissed. I don't know who put the leaf in Natasha's hair, but it looks stupid.

When the photographer has Victoria F. kiss Peter, the girls get all uptight. Kelsey is sitting right on the other side of Peter and is not happy.

Kelsey gets more and more annoyed.

The person who gets the cover shot is Victoria F. Probably because she proactively kissed him. Guess what their one-on-one shoot is. All the women have to watch this.

(Spoiler: per Twitter, it doesn't actually make the cover.)

Later at the cocktail party, he pulls off his cover girl. Victoria F. asks if he knows what two days ago was. He says it was her birthday. She finds 26 to be so depressing.

He gets it going with Hannah Ann too.

Oh, Kelsey. He's as far or further with his other relationships. Get a grip on reality. She wants him to know where she is coming from. It's scary, but exciting. She wants to explain why she was not fully herself. After her one-on-one it is going to be hard to go on group dates. She's taking it really seriously and is terrified to feel about him the way she does. She is falling in love with him. He just gradually smiles, then kisses her (which means nothing). Peter says he has thought of her so much. If she only knew, she would not be scared right now.

Tammy talks to Lexi, Victoria F. and Natasha about how off Kelsey is. After a little more talk, Tammy decides to tell Peter about how off Kelsey is. Things like this never go well on the tattler.

Tammy tells Peter about Kelsey's breakdown and her excessive drinking. Peter says he can tell she has been struggling and is not herself. He hates to hear that because they just had a really good talk. He likes her a lot, but hates to hear she's having a struggle.

Peter wants to talk about Kelsey about it. He thinks it's a red flag. Peter tells her he felt good about their last conversation, but wanted to ask about a mental breakdown he heard that she had. She admits she was emotional, but it wasn't a breakdown. She was processing her feelings. She's emotional talking about it.

She's annoyed. She doesn't know why she was brought up. It's weird (to her). She was sad, but that doesn't mean it was an emotional breakdown. She comes back and asks who said she was emotionally unstable.

Kelsey is proud to cry in front of people. Crying does not make someone emotionally unstable, she declares.

The women talk to her about it. Kelsey thinks it's getting blown way out of proportion. She thinks she is the only one being vulnerable and the others are holding too much in.

Tammy is being very, very quiet until she finally points out how upset Kelsey was over a bottle of champagne for four days.

Peter finally comes in to break off this whole conversation. He gives the rose to Hannah Ann. If looks could kill...

Since no one fessed up though... Kelsey is going to find out who ratted her out as emotional unstable.

Onto another kind of drama... Peter's date with Kelley.

She was a week one favorite. Kelley isn't as giddy for the date though. She's not really sure if she's into him.

Kelley and Peter met before the season started. Now he has to see if there's something there or if he is just holding on to something that happened before.

They go to do some kind of candles and witch's brew kind of thing. They are supposed to tell their story and exploring their connection and have some kind of spiritual experience. Of course, they have to strip down to their underwear for this to happen.

Peter tries to express feelings and be open. Kelley is distracted by a lizard. Through the candle wax, the crazy people can tell that Peter is trying harder and is more open than Kelley. 

The whole thing is weird. Kelley is obviously not into it at all. At one point it's very reminiscent of a Magic 8 Ball.  "Are we on the same page?" "The outlook is not good."

Back at the wherever they are... Kelsey confronts Tammy on what she said to Peter. Tammy said she talked to Peter about Kelsey, but it was in the context of Tammy, not Kelsey. For example, how Tammy was caring for others. They talk about Kelsey's drinking. 

Tammy leaves Kelsey crying.

Back to Kelley. Peter sees potential, but doesn't feel it with her. He wants someone that wants him as much as he wants her.

At dinner, she says she had a lot of fun. Peter asks Kelley if she had ever done something like that before. Sure, everyone's gone to a shaman. Of course, she says no.

Peter talks about how things went into a lull after a fast start. She agrees. He has reservations and needs to know her heart is in it. Kelley says she has had zero chances to progress it. Peter says she has been complacent because they had something to start with. She's definitely more even keeled and mature than the other women. She has finally told herself to open up because this could be fun. He wants it to be more than fun. He questions why the shaman thought they were on two different levels. She gives the example that she and Hannah Ann are on two completely different levels/stages of life. Kelley wants to know why Peter has been so open to the drama. That makes her wonder how ready he is for any of this. At this moment, she isn't ready to be engaged to him, but maybe she will later on. She wants to be a power couple with someone.

Peter wants some validation. Kelley says she is working on it.

When it comes to rose time, Peter's speech starts off about how they had the strongest connection to begin with, but he's gone through some doubt. He needs her to trust in this process and give in to it. He really shouldn't have, but he gives Kelley the rose.

Peter says that Kelley challenges her in lots of different ways. They head off to the waterfall pool for some one-on-one time.

The next day, Tammy is telling the others about Kelsey's latest breakdown. Meanwhile, Kelsey is fixing herself up to go see Peter.

Peter is hanging out at pool with a perfect view of the volcano. They head inside to talk. Kelsey wants to see him, but really wants to come to talk about how things got blown out of proportion.

Kelsey doesn't share about her relationship because she doesn't want to hear about anyone else's relationship. Peter tells her that she doesn't have to explain. She wants to be sure that he knows where she is. Peter knows.

Kelsey then goes on to say that Tammy is telling everyone that she has a drinking problem, and it has gone on to popping pills. Tammy has never mentioned pills.

Peter walks out of the room and gets a rose to give Kelsey. He doesn't need a ceremony to know what he wants to do tonight with her. She gets a bonus rose. Peter tells her not to worry about the other girls when she goes back with it.

She's kind of scared to go back because the other girls are going to know she went and saw him. The women are joking about the stem on one of the roses when Kelsey comes back. She tells them all that she went and they talked. She squashed all the talk that was going on, so tonight should be smooth sailing. The women are already dressed up for the night while Kelsey stands there in her cut-off jean shorts.

The women finish working on their hair, and there's lots of murmuring about Kelsey.

As usual, Mykenna needs her time.

Chris Harrison arrives and tells the women there will be no cocktail party. It's straight to the rose ceremony. Earlier today, he got the clarity he needs and there's no sense in delaying the inevitable.

Tammy asks Kelsey if she said anything about her. The women jump on Kelsey's case that if she had not gone to talk to Peter, the rest of them might have had some time and a cocktail party. Mykenna goes off. She is convinced she is going home.

Natasha ain't happy either.

Tammy asked what was said. Kelsey said it was just about drinking and popping pills. Tammy said she didn't say anything about pills. A couple of the other women said pills were mentioned on the couch. Tammy says she doesn't know what Kelsey took. Tammy pulled Victoria P. in. VP throws Tammy back under the bus.

(Kelsey says she just takes Adderall and birth control.)

A screaming match starts between Tammy and most all the other girls, especially Sydney. Hannah Ann and one other woman are elsewhere and hear the yelling.

Everyone starts heading off to separate corners and start crying.

Mykenna (who has been making faces and doing weird things with her tongue all night) is going on about Peter not seeing who she is. Shiann has to hear this.

Tammy cries to the cameras about the possibility of being sent home over all this.

Finally, they all line up for the rose ceremony. They count that there are six roses. With twelve left and four already having roses, that sends two of them home.

Peter apologizes for not having a party, but he's confident in his decisions.

Sydney, Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Kelly have roses.

Before they begin, Tammy wants to talk to Peter. She asks if they can go off somewhere. Based on what Chris Harrison said, Tammy wants to know if his clarity has anything to do with her. She doesn't want him to think she was coming from a malicious place. Mykenna goes off to steal him for a second before we hear an answer.

Mykenna thinks the drama has stolen so much. Lexi says she'll go next since this has become a cocktail party in middle of the rose ceremony. Mykenna comes back. Lexi makes a snide remark to Mykenna. Victoria P. is rolling her eyes.

After talking to Chris Harrison again, Peter comes out. He apologizes for it being an emotional night, but they have to trust him. He is following his heart.
  1. Victoria F.
  2. Madison (we've almost forgotten about her after the big family date)
  3. Natasha
  4. Victoria P.
  5. Mykenna (who was about to hyperventilate and bite her tongue from sticking it out so much)
  6. Tammy
Bye Shiann. Bye Lexi (guess you should have gotten your time). Both leave with tears.

Shiann's parting words are for him to be aware of some of the women in the house. 

And the saga continues Wednesday night. I teach Wednesday night at church and go out to dinner with a friend after, so I'm not sure when I'll get my post done.