The Bachelor: Week 8: Peter and his fantasy suites

You know, I hem-hawed over blogging about Survivor, but it goes by a lot faster than The Bachelor, and it's not just because the show is usually half as long. Peter's women are a beating.

Jumping into tonight's episode, Madison wants to talk to Peter after the rose ceremony, before it's time to go to the fantasy suite week. She needs to reveal just how much her faith means to her and that she is waiting for a husband.

Madison's really nervous. She is scaring Peter. She tells him that if he were to sleep with someone else next week, it would be really hard for her to move forward.

He asks her what she's saying. "Does that mean if I spent the night with someone else you couldn't..."

Her answer is, "That would be really hard for me, but..."

They aren't finishing sentences. She's not spitting it out. He doesn't get what she wants from him. He doesn't think something (?) would be fair to his other relationships.

He asks, "Are you saying you wouldn't be able to go any further with me if I was with someone else?"

That's not such a hard ask, you know. Who would want to move forward with a guy that was just sleeping around with everyone?

She doesn't say what she needed to say.

Peter tells her that he's crazy about her.

And now on to Australia!

Ahh, Poor Peter (not). Madison has made it hard for him. He may not get to test drive all the relationships. He's just gross anyway.

All the women enter the place they are staying individually. I guess they usually don't stay together during this week, but they are this time. I hate to use the same word as Victoria, but #AWKWARD.

Someone brings up hometowns to try to have a conversation, but it dies fast. Peter arrives to talk to them all.

Peter tells them that this week may be a little awkward and weird, but hopefully they can look past everything else. Dates start today.

Hannah Ann will go first.

She is wearing a cropped top with some high rise jean shorts. She has a really bad/weird dark tan line on her torso. She made some bad tanning choices.

She thinks it is excited to be on the gold coast, but I bet she doesn't even know what that means.

They head out on jet skis. They talk along the beach. Hannah Ann she understands it's hard to compartmentalize all his relationships, but no matter what, she will be here for him this week.

She gets teary eyed. Right now, Peter just wants to think about them.

Back at the house, Victoria says she doesn't mean to pry (yeah, right), but how did it go talking to Peter after the roses? Madison doesn't say much, but Victoria brings up that their boyfriend will be staying with each of them overnight. 

Now, for the dinner and evening potion of Hannah Ann's date. Every one of his dates is a snooze.

Hannah Ann told her mom that she would rather walk away with potentially having her heart broken than to walk away with regrets.

When she gets her fantasy suite card, she says, "It's clear I'm in love with you. Of course, I am going to spend more time with you."

At the "house," Victoria talks with Madison about the fact that it's weird knowing that Peter and Hannah Ann are together. 

They forgo the hot tub if you can believe that. When does anyone every pass up the hot tub?

The soundtrack is horrible. Simply horrible.

The next morning Madison tells Victoria she is almost at her breaking point. 

We are spared the morning conversation with Hannah Ann and Peter and get Hannah Ann coming in to talk to her roommates. Really awkward time. Hannah Ann has a really odd expression.

Victoria gets up to go get ready for her date. 

I still don't know why this witch is on here. I'd left her in the dust a while ago, especially after her meltdown last week and not meeting her family.

He wants to clear the air to start the day and leave everything behind them.

Peter likes the fire that Victoria brings. Life would never be boring with her. Ok, Peter, if you like drama all day every day, more power to you.

After a helicopter ride that involved more tongue than taking in the sites, they sit down for a talk. A talk like all his other talks. Nothing is said.

At the house, Hannah Ann and Madison talk. Madison tells Hannah Ann he told Peter a lot about her standards. They must not have showed all that because she didn't say all that much. She tells Hannah Ann more about how if Peter slept with someone she wouldn't be able to continue.

Hannah Ann doesn't say it to Madison in the moment, but that turned her off. For her, it's what they all signed up for. It makes her mad for Madison to say that how far her or Victoria's relationship goes will determine if she (Madison) continues. 

Over dinner, Victoria says they need to continue their conversation from earlier. She knows communication is necessary. She wants him to know why she is the way she is. She had a relationship that was three and a half years and he never asked her how she felt. Since she never had that before, she gets defensive when asked, even if nothing bad is meant by it. Peter wants her to talk, to tell him when he says something wrong, not just walk away. Oh, poor Victoria (not), "I doooonnnnnn'tttttt knoooooowwwww. I'mmmmm tryyyyyyying. I don't knooooooowwwwww what you want."

After some mindless babble, he hands over the fantasy suite. He wants to have more "meaningful conversations" with her through the night. He thinks their dinner conversation has been a turning point. So little means so much for him. Either that or a lot of editing.

I can't stand how she does her hands when she cries (this time in a producer interview where she lifts the hem of her dress as a Kleenex.

Madison is pacing back at the hotel. They saved her until the last to fret the week away. I 100% agree with her morals, but she should have never signed up for the show. 

We do see Peter and Victoria the next morning. He thinks they are finally in such a good spot. He's on a high hearing that she's in love with him.

Hannah Ann and Madison are talking -- Hannah Ann saying that if Victoria came back, obviously things went well. Cue Victoria coming in. She tells more about her date than Hannah Ann did.

Madison asks Victoria if she got the clarity she needed. Victoria said she did. Madison leaves the room.

Victoria just comments to Hannah Ann that it's so weird. 

It's finally Madison's turn. She's going to have a good last date before giving her ultimate ultimatum in all her words.

He asks how she likes the view of the beach. However, he has another view to show her... from the top of the building over there. Up 77 floors. From there, they climb a ladder up to the roof.

I'd just have to head home now. I'm not going to climb anything or go outside of the building. I'll view all there is to see from the inside of tall buildings, thank you very much.

"Everything worthwhile is uphill," says Madison in her voice over.

Victoria and Hannah Ann sit around talking about how Madison is struggling. Hannah Ann talks about her conversation with Madison. Hannah Ann said the conversation Madison and Peter had were about expectations, but she didn't get around to talking about saving herself for marriage.

Victoria doesn't think it's fair for Madison to give him an ultimatum about other, private relationships. Hannah Ann wonders what Peter is going to think being put on the spot.

Later that evening, they meet for "dinner." She says there is lots to talk about.

When they sit down, he wants to be honest about what was said the last time that was talked. He's been torn as he does have two other relationships.

She walked away from the last conversation feeling discouraged. She didn't exactly mean to give an ultimatum. Now, Madison wants to be as honest as she can be. She finally tells him she's been saving herself for marriage. She is aware that both people in a relationship may not have made the same decision. At this point, though, she wants them to be honest about it.

Peter states the obvious: That's not been his plan. He asks what his expectations of him are. Peter asks if she can give up the possibility of a future for them if he has been with someone else he's in a relationship with.

Madison says she cannot say yes to an engagement if she knew he slept with someone else six days before. He says he won't give details. She says she doesn't need details, and she can't actually ask, but... She goes on a bit and says she's still fighting and that he's worth it.

Peter says he doesn't want her to think it's all about sex right now, but this is a big deal for them right now. He won't give details, but he has been intimate (how he actually words it), and that he won't lie about it.

Peter can 100% see the two of them together at the end, but he has to be honest. He can see himself with others too.

Awkward moment of silence. Madison asks if he'll excuse her for a second.

The kangaroos are listening to Madison cry. Like literally. There is a shot of kangaroos.

Inside, Peter has some of his own tears.

Madison in her producer interview admits disappointment. To an extent, I get disappointment, but I don't see where she can get mad, and she is mad at him. Unless you were clueless to last season, you know about the windmill last season. He's the bachelor... what exactly do you REALISTICALLY expect?

Peter finally goes out to her. He hugs her. He says he's so sorry. He hates the situation (which situation exactly, I'm unsure).

Peter doesn't want her to walk away from this. Then, he asks her what she needs to do.

And that's where the evening ends. #cliffhanger.