The Bachelor: Peter: Week 5: Part 2: Send them (almost) all home

I am actually a day late in getting this up. I taught class at church and went out to eat after, so did not want to start it late on Wednesday night. Not that I want to start it now on Thursday either. I am tired. My past three weeks have about done me in.

At least I recorded it and can skip all the commercials, so maybe I can make the post quicker.

So, a bunch of whining, crying, catty, immature, name-calling, tattle-telling girls head to Santiago, Chile.
We start off with 10. I think there's a chance some will be dropping like flies.

Peter fills us in that he has the stitches out of his head, but it will be another week before he loses the bandages.

The women have breakfast together and Tammy toasts to a fresh start. Mykenna brings up the cocktail party again and starts to cry. She tries to defend why she pulled Peter off to talk. Victoria F. tells Mykenna good girls went home who just wanted their chance to talk to him too. 

Peter soon arrives to greet the women. After chatting a few minutes, Peter asks Hannah Ann if she has plans for the day. 

Some people are just glad it's not Mykenna. Others, like Natasha just wonder about Hannah Ann being a younger girl and if she is ready for marriage.

They head to the city center of Santiago where a group of drummers are performing. They make a mess of their local food. They run into a couple married for 25+ years who offer the advice of communication and patience. You know, the formulaic date for time spent in foreign countries.

Peter is a little concerned about how young she is. He asks her if she's ever been in love before. The fact that she hasn't is a little scary to him. 

Over dinner, will he be able to tell if she is ready for all of this? Hannah Ann hopes to model as long as she can. But, she wants to go deep and not go fishing for minnows. I'm confused.

He understands though and asks about past relationships. She dated someone for 3 1/2 years, but it wasn't love. (Yet, she can fall in love in 6 weeks now?) He asks if she is 100% ready. She answers that she is, but he's not so sure. Peter excuses himself because he isn't feeling that she's expressing herself well.

Hannah Ann goes to look for him. She's upset because she doesn't know what's going on. She can't just put on a smiling face anymore. She cares. She says the magic words, "I'm starting to fall in love with you."

Peter says, "I'll be right back." Then, he leaves her again. Alas, he comes back with the rose.

All of a sudden, he has a breakthrough and understands her. He can see himself falling in love with her. 

That "man" is so wishy-washy.

At the hotel, not one, but two date cards arrive.

"Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelley, Mykenna - Lights, Camera, Action (but in Spanish)." Kelley who read the card has to explain that it's Spanish because they are confused.

Card #2 reads: "Victoria F. - I feel like we didn't get a fair shot. - Peter"

This is her second one-on-one which miffs everyone.

Mykenna is a mental case. She thinks maybe she should leave. Kelsey, of all people, tries to talk some sense into her. 

The next morning, the group date meets up to record a telenovela. Peter picked up Spanish watching such programs with his Grandma. 

Natasha is excited. She watched soap operas with her Grandma. (Didn't everyone? I know I did.)

Mykenna resigns to her role as a maid. She was still ready to go home this morning. As each scene goes on, she skulks around the back of the scene until he finally ends up with her in the end. She's been whining the whole time, but decides this is the sign he needed all along. 

Chris Harrison even joins in on the action. 

Later that night, they all head to a cocktail party. 

Kelsey and Peter talk about all they have overcome. Puh-leeze. 

Then it is a fight for everyone and how they feel like they need to talk.

Victoria P. sits on his lap because she needs to have physical time, not just talk. She feels like she needs to clear the air and get back to where they were before the whole Alayah thing. Talk about killing a mood. (By the way, she's back on the couch pretty quick.) The Alayah thing did put a damper on things. Now they have to move forward. Victoria wants to feel really good about them. This whole conversation is a downer. Now Victoria is trying to guess at what he's saying.

Peter doesn't know if he can see Victoria as his wife. Her answer is that she is worried for him and the decisions he is making. This is their last conversation.

Meanwhile the women talk about they haven't seen Victoria P. for an hour. 

She wants to head straight to the car. He tries to catch up with her to say a real goodbye. 

Good riddance. She's been on my nerves for a while. I just don't know why she got a rose last time given how he was swift to send her on.

Peter tells the women that he just sent her home.

Peter wrote a script for he and Madison to do together.

While the women are sitting around, Tammy calls Mykenna on her turn from such a bad day yesterday to today it being the best day ever.

Tammy asks if she's ready for all of this. Tammy tells Mykenna she acts like a child. Kelsey tries to stand up for Mykenna, but Tammy tells her to shut up.

Natasha thinks Tammy is more interested in getting people sent home than getting Peter. Eventually, everyone leaves the room except Tammy, Mykenna and Kelsey.

Madison is distracted by all the screaming as she sucks face with Peter.

Mykenna left the room, and Peter finds her on the way back up to the room. Mykenna shares that Tammy is after her for not being there for the right reasons. Peter tells her not to let it get her down.

When it comes time to hand out the rose, it goes to Madison.

Mykenna now feels like Tammy ruined the day.

The next day, it is time for Victoria F.'s date. It's the horseback riding date that is mandated for every season. Like seriously, they can't come up with anything original?

Since their first date was a bit awkward with the whole ex-boyfriend thing going on, that's why Peter wanted to take her on a second date.

After they ride, they watch a Chilean rodeo of sorts. Peter is fed a lot of lines about horse behavior for this date too. 

Victoria talks to him about being in her head and going back and forth. He feels very strongly about her, but if she isn't feeling it, she needs to make a decision. 

They meet up again later that night. 

He wants to make sure she understands why he asked her on another one-on-one. He wants to make sure what he thought was there was there (do you follow?). He thought it was until their last conversation. He thinks she may be sabotaging it.

She doesn't know why she puts her walls up. Peter needs her to show him if she sees potential. She says maybe she isn't cut out for this and maybe he should be with someone who is more open. He is trying hard to pull this out of her. She feels sick, so gets up and walks away.

She tells the producers she can't give him an honest answer. She doesn't think she's ready. She doesn't know if she wants to go home or not.

Peter can tell she's not ready now.

At the hotel, Natasha and Sydney talk about the fact Victoria and Peter are on their second date. Natasha doesn't think that Victoria would waster her time if she weren't really into Peter. Sydney talks about how she would be acting if she got a second date, claiming her spot.

Victoria and Peter come back in the room together. She feels bad because she's not confident. She likes him... She wishes she knew her issues. He cares about her so much... For some reason, she gets the rose.

He realllllllyyyyy likes her. Otherwise, she'd be gone. They kiss, then go out on the roof.

The next day, the women sit around talking about the cocktail party when there is a knock. A fourth date card.

"Mykenna and Tammy... Meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else arrives. Enough is enough. - Peter"

Mykenna saw this one coming. She told Peter everything that happened even though she didn't want to.

Tammy is a pot stirrer, but Mykenna has been too much from the get-go.

The two women arrive at their destination and sit and wait for Peter to arrive. Mykenna wants to say something and asks Tammy not to say anything. Mykenna says Tammy may have meant to tear her down, but she found her voice. Mykenna says she is a strong woman and love wins.

Peter comes in, hugs each and sits down between them. He has questions about what is going on between the two of them. He wants to be done with this drama. He takes Tammy off to talk first.

Peter asks for Tammy's side. Tammy said there have been signs that Mykenna hasn't been there for the right reasons from picking out hashtags for the Mykenna show to packing her bags to go home before the last group date. She accuses Mykenna of taking things lightly. Peter asks Tammy where he thinks they are. She says she thinks they hit a speedbump because of the drama that has taken unfair attention.

Yeah, Tammy, I'm not so sure. I think you are both going.

Mykenna says she cannot handle how Tammy tries to bring everyone down. Peter asks about the whole deal with her having her bags packed. Mykenna says it was a weak moment. Mykenna "is speaking my truth" and claims she cares so much about Peter and "us."

If he hasn't had a date with her yet... I just don't see it.

She goes back in a huff to where Tammy is. She keeps pulling up her dress. It has a weird cut out under her bustline, and I keep waiting for a wardrobe malfunction. She gets super jittery and bouncy. They exchange barbs. Mykenna gets snarkier with her barbs.

Peter re-enters the room and says he can't have both of them continue past tonight. He heard Mykenna and trusts her. He asks to walk Tammy out.

I'd preferred him to do the opposite.

Mykenna tells the other women what happened. Kelsey is pleased.

When Peter comes back, he asks to take Natasha off to talk. He assures her he isn't interested in the drama.

Sydney is another young girl that makes me roll my eyes.

I want to speed through everything Kelsey says.

If I had to make a pick, I'd have to choose Kelley or Madison maybe.

Victoria F. apologizes for pushing him away. They have a moment.

After the conversations cease, Chris Harrison comes in to bring it to a close. Peter claims he doesn't know who he is sending home. He says he feels something with each of them.

Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. have roses. There are three roses on the table.

  1. Kelsey
  2. Natasha
  3. Kelley
And with that, Sydney and Mykenna are headed out. I'm good with that.

Mykenna doesn't understand why he didn't send her home when he sent Tammy home. She leaves being more in love with who she is than anything. Seriously. That's what she said.