The Bachelor: Peter: Week 7: The hometowns

Here we are again. Another Monday rushing our way through to get to The Bachelor. Let's just jump in, shall we.

Peter has selected his final four, and he's bound to screw all this up in fast order. If the previews of the episode are remotely accurate, there is going to be a lot of tears.

It's time to leave Lima and head off to small town America to meet the families.

First up is Hannah Ann in Knoxville, TN.

Hannah Ann believes Peter is right for her because, oh heck, she went on about forgetting something or being in the moment. I don't even want to back it up to tell you what inane thing she said. Her dad is a forester, so one of the things to get on his good side is for Peter to prove he is a strong man. Ranger Rick thinks Hannah Ann needs a tough man. That means axe throwing, evidently. With a large audience, both embarrass themselves by bouncing axes off of the target.

Because Hannah Ann wrote him a letter, it inspired him to write her a letter about what he loves about her. It seems every dress she has worn has a name. He sees a future for the two of them, the clumsy two.

Let me just throw in there was just a commercial for The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, and I promise you right now that I will not be recapping it.

Hannah Ann's family thinks Ranger Rick would have enjoyed the axe throwing. Ranger Rick is not convincing when he says it is exciting for Hannah Ann to bring Peter home. It's going to be hard to convince him that Peter is not just a "flash in the pan."

They skip dinner. At least there is no conversation over dinner unless I missed something. Hannah Ann's sister takes her off to talk first. They cry over happiness and how happy sister is that Hannah Ann is happy because she's never seen Hannah this happy before. Follow?

Mom asks Peter where they are right now. She's going to be a supportive mom as long as Hannah Ann is happy. However, Ranger Rick is another story. Hannah Ann is the oldest daughter, and he's going to be especially protective.

Ranger Rick tells Peter that he presents himself well, but there are still other ladies involve. With that fact, how is he with HA compared to the others? He's mumbling vague, but says he hopes to tell HA tonight that he is falling in love with her. RR wasn't expecting Pilot Pete to say that. RR warns PP not to say those words unless he means it.

He does tell her. Hannah Ann reciprocates that she is in love with him. He gets in the car to leave and HA stands outside in the rain.

Next up is a visit to Des Moines, IA to meet Kelsey's family.

Kelsey is excited to express more of his feelings to him. She isn't going to tell him what they are going to do, but they may get a little messy.

They go grape stomping to make their own bottle of wine. They try dancing in the vat. I wouldn't want to drink that.

They head inside to sample various wines. Blah, blah, blah Peter talking about Kelsey. They addressed big things early on, blah, blah, blah. She's sweet (ugh).

I don't care for Kelsey back to the champagne drama.

Before heading to the family, she tells Peter she's in love with him. Way too much loud smoochiness going on.

They get to the house where mom, stepdad, two sisters and a brother-in-law (?) are. At dinner, mom serves some of Kelsey's favorites. Soon, her sisters take her off to talk.

Kelsey's mom is the spokesperson for the family. They talk about how Kelsey is straightforward. Mom about threatens Peter.

Kelsey tearfully talks to Mike, the step-dad about fears of having her heart broken.

Kelsey tells mom she is a crier, but has cried even more through this whole process. Mom does know that Kelsey is in love and is worried about her heart.

Nothing is said that isn't normally said in every house with every family on every season.

Peter's smile every time a woman says they love him is sappy as can be.

We are speeding right through.

We have now moved on to Auburn, AL where Madison lives.

They start their date with a tour of the Auburn campus. She teaches him the war eagle yell and they had to the basketball court where her dad is an assistant coach. Charles Barkely has recorded a message for them.

They put on jerseys and Peter claims to be a good shooter from half-court. His claims are not accurate.


The head basketball coach comes out to meet them and muses how Madison is fortunate to be part of two final fours in one year. Coach talks about how great Hannah's dad and family are. He puts them through some basketball drills. Peter has absolutely no skills whatsoever.

After Coach leaves, it's one-on-one time. Madison wins because have basketball skills.

They chat a little bit about what to expect with her family. Peter told her last week she was starting to fall in love with her, but Madison didn't say it back. Peter said he felt it though today.

Mom, dad and two sisters are awaiting. They have a family tradition of having a special plate. Whoever gets the special plate means that everyone says something special about that person. After everyone says their something nice about Madison, Dad prays over dinner. They toast over sweet tea.

Before they even eat, Mom takes Madison off to talk. Mom asks her why she thinks she is still in the running. Mom doesn't know what to think, but knows Madison normally needs time which she has not had. Mom asks if she has told Peter about, you know, decisions she has made for herself. They have not discussed how she is saying herself for marriage.

Dad talks to Peter about Madison's high moral standards. I thought he was going to tell her secret. Dad knows what he was alluding to, but it went over Peter's head. His questions do make Peter squirm.

Dad and Madison have a conversation before Peter leaves.

Madison and Peter talk a little before he leaves, but she does not tell him that she loves him. She wants to make sure she's the one before she says it.

Last, but certainly not least in the drama department is Victoria's date in Virginia Beach, VA. There's been no drama so far, so you know it's going to get real now.

Victoria has been walking her dog on the beach, but once she turns her attention to Peter when he arrives, the dog goes running after a guy in the ocean.

The tourist locale that the town is, they head to Old Towne Photos for some dress up and photos. After some time hanging near the beach, Victoria takes them over to where they have their own little Hunter Hayes concert. This makes up for the last time when her ex was staring at them the whole time.

Peter thinks they are on track because they have so much fun together. He wants to marry his best friend and it seems to be going that direction.

Peter is walking away when he is stopped by someone he knows from once upon a time. They catch up a little bit, and Marissa warns that she doesn't think Victoria would be a good choice for him. She used to be friends with Victoria, but something happened a couple of months ago. The mystery lady who's face is blurred doesn't say what. She's very vague, but gives him a definite warning.

They don't arrive at Victoria's family's house together which is kind of unusual. For some reason they parted ways before the mystery woman showed up. They warning is on his mind when he arrives. They sit on the front steps to talk before going in where the family has been talking about if it is possible to fall in love in a short period of time.

Peter starts off by saying he had an ex at the concert today. He shares that Marissa said that Victoria has caused a lot of relationships to break up. She is kind of calm at first. Peter says she can see how that would put him in a bad head space. She starts crying and turns it on him that it was so wrong of him to accuse her of something. Not completely what happened. He asked her about it.

Peter asks if she's ever fought for something she wanted because Victoria is ready to give it up now. She's done with the conversation and the whole thing. She gets up and yells at the cameras.

She finally lets Peter talk to her. They start arguing again. She's mad that he is supposed to meet her family, but what this other girl said is more important to him. He asks her, "Have you not seen how much I care for you?... This is the second time you have gotten up and walked off on me." She won't have a real conversation.

He leaves without meeting her family. Victoria is crying on the curb when her family comes out to see her. Victoria's answer is, "He left." Well, yeah.

Makes me wonder how her family is since she's always been a little off.

The next morning, Peter is confused. Victoria told him how she felt about him, but... CUE KNOCK ON THE DOOR.

Victoria arrives and apologizes for the night before. She's falling in love with him, and... Peter says that he doesn't think she wants him to love her the way he wants to love her. There are moments he can totally see it, then it implodes. For the 99% that is amazing, the 1% terrifies him.

She says she's trying really hard. She can't walk away from him (but she does). After a little more conversation that goes nowhere, Peter says he's not ready to make a decision yet.

Peter heads back to wherever the next rose ceremony is going to take place. It's an airplane hangar at some airport. 

The women arrive. Madison. Hannah Ann. Kelsey. Victoria.

Peter arrives. He gives a speech about meeting their families. He doesn't reveal that he didn't meet one of them. It breaks his heart that he has to send one home now.

  1. Hannah Ann
  2. Madison

  3. Victoria

This defies all logic. I don't like Kelsey, but Victoria is a mental case.

Before she leaves, Kelsey and Peter talk on a bench. He apologizes as he is sure she didn't see it coming. Peter talks about her honesty from the beginning. She deserves the same of him. He wasn't there at the same place when she said that she was falling in love with him. With that, he walks her to the limo.

Peter goes back in and says he knows his wife is in the hangar with him. It's time to head back out over international waters. They are headed to Australia. 

Madison doesn't think Peter knows how much she is struggling. As Peter walks away, Madison calls out to him asking to talk. 


The closing credits show Victoria's family talking about Pilot Pete and Nana kisses. They were kind of more interesting than all the other families.