The Bachelor: Peter: Week 6: Don't worry about hiding your crazy

It feels like it was just yesterday, I was talking about The Bachelor. I guess it was actually four nights ago since I didn't get Wednesday night's episode up until Thursday.

It's kind of crazy how fast the season has gone since we are now down to six. Of course, there have been a couple of three hour episodes in there.

Tonight, we pick up in Lima, Peru.

All I know is that Hannah Ann isn't wearing her walking shoes as we see the women walking around and into the hotel.

Kelley doesn't now much about Lima other than there are alpacas, and she hopes to ride them. That is incredibly random.

Peter video calls his mommy to check in. He talks about it being a two-way street. He's second guessing some people and hope they feel about him what he feels about them. That's what he has to figure out this week before hometowns.

The women are expecting a date card, but it's actually Peter. He shares his biggest fear which is falling for someone who really doesn't see a future with him, a family with him. He wants them to be honest with themselves.

Each woman gives Peter a hug before he leaves.

The voice overs of all the women address how serious each of them is.

In talking with the other women, Kelley says they are still at the point of trying to figure out who Peter is and getting to know him. It's hard to give him that reassurance. Madison and Natasha agree.

Natasha also says she has pointed out to Peter that she has not had a one-on-one and it bothers her. Will she get the first date? Cue knock on the door.

"Madison - I think you're a catch. - Peter"

It's been a long time since she's had a date. She was the first one-on-one with Peter's family way back in the beginning. At 23, she needs to make sure they are on the same page of being ready for the long-term.

They are going to explore a fishing village, because smelly fish sounds romantic. They trade in one little boat for a bigger boat they fish off of. They celebrate catching a fish.

Peter sees Madison as a potential best friend he could fall in love with.

Back at the hotel, Hannah Ann and Kelsey talk about the seriousness of going on hometown dates or going home. Kelsey talks about how Madison wants her husband to be the spiritual leader of her family, and they haven't talked about how much her faith means to her yet. Will that come up in the dinner portion?

Later that night, Kelsey is talking about the possibility of Madison not coming back and how losing people at dates means better things for the ones left behind. Natasha thinks everyone is further along than he and Madison.

The date card arrives and reads... "Natasha - Let's explore (except in Spanish) - Peter"

She will finally have her time.

Now, back to Madison. It's time to get honest. Madison suspects it goes one of two ways: propel them forward or end it all.

She starts the conversation about how it has gotten hard because where they are now is much more serious. She talks about her dad and how he has been an example, in loving her mom, her family and the Lord. Faith is her whole live and who she is. She wants to marry someone that feels the same. She wants them to grow in that way together.

Peter is silent for a while. He finally says that he respects that and loves that about her. He has faith, but feels it could be stronger. While Peter says his faith is important to him, I think he's just trying to say something to make her feel better. He's having a hard time coming up with words, but says he knows that he's falling in love with her.

After a kiss, Peter gives Madison a rose. She shrieks a happy, "YES!"

He's never been to Alabama before. He's excited to meet her family since she has met his.

The next day, it's Natasha's turn. It's weird to be at this point, one step from hometowns and to just now be on a solo date.

Peter is a little too excited to find his favorite dessert which his grandmother used to make.

They buy mini alapacas after trying on some alpaca furs. Then, it's out to watch local street dancing (there's always street dancing).

They sit down in a restaurant to chat. Peter says that Natasha has shown her more sides than anyone else. The serious, the bold/fierce, the goofy. Sometimes she's almost two honest. She talks about that and her brothers. He should come meet them at her house (hint, hint). Her parents haven't met a guy she has dated in four years. Her last boyfriend broke up with her because she was too intense for him. I can see that.

They forget their alpacas at the restaurant.

At the hotel, they are counting the number of roses and the number of women left. They can count to four. Wow.

The date card arrives, "Kelsey - Love is a wild ride. - Peter"

Victoria F. moans about it being a three-on-one for the last spot with Hannah Ann and Kelley, but she's not confident.

Over dinner, Peter is going to have to start comparing relationships. Peter knows he's falling in love with Madison. Does he feel the same about Natasha? He asks her where she thinks they are.

The look on Peter's face while the women are talking is a little too serious. It'd make me nervous. Peter can see some potential, or so he says.

The women back at the hotel are wondering if Natasha is going to make it through the date. Conversations up to now in the episode have been Kelsey and Hannah Ann like multiple times. Guess those two are finally getting along now after all the champagne business. This time, it's Kelley and Madison having the talk.

I'm trying to figure out how and when Peter is going to cut this one off. I just don't see it. Peter sees her in the friend zone. He picks up the rose because he has to hold the rose while giving the speech. He says, "I can't give you this rose. And I'm so sorry about that."

Natasha's response is, "That's too bad."

He thinks he might have waited too long to give her a chance.

Honestly, I never saw any chemistry there.

The suitcase is claimed at the hotel, so the women are doing their counting again. 

The next day, Victoria F. is using a different tone of voice than usual. She says it's scary that he sent someone home from a one-on-one. 

Kelsey has the date now and she's scared she could be sent home too.

He plans to be honest too with Kelsey. She comes running to him as producer prompted. I, like some of the people on Twitter wonder about this running business, especially with the shoes they are wearing.

Kelsey has never been on an ATV, but of course, Peter is going to teach her.

Peter is short of breath as they collapse onto the hilltop. They start their conversation talking with Peter asking what Kelsey envisions in her life. She wants to work a couple of days a week, but be there for her kids. She then mounts him for a kiss.

Victoria F. and Kelley talk about how Kelsey's date might be going. You know the drama that's happened set them back a little bit... So far, her bag is still there.

Kelsey wants Peter to meet her family, but anytime you talk about family, it gets emotional. Speaking of emotional, Peter comments as they sit down for dinner, it hasn't gotten emotional today. Just wait...

Peter moves on to asking about her family. Kelsey says that her mom is probably already baking chocolate chip cookies. Her dad will not be there. They got divorced in seventh grade. She didn't talk to her dad for ten years until she won Miss Iowa. When her dad reached out, his answers as to why things happened was, "God told me to." After a few more years, they were in contact again. Her mother doesn't know they have been in contact again.

Kelsey says she could have settled and been married already, but wants to be appreciated, vulnerable and in love. There are qualities in Peter she has been wanting, but never found.

Peter is excited about meeting her family. He's excited about "us." He gives her the rose while complimenting her on her grace (huh?).

The final date card arrives. "Hannah Ann, Victoria, Kelley - Tomorrow won't be easy - Peter." 

Kelley kind of thinks this is stating the obvious. She is annoyed she is being on a three-on-one. Hannah Ann and Victoria are children in her words, and who wants to go on a date with them. Kelley thinks it's an obvious decision. Hannah Ann is 23 and Victoria is a hot mess in her words.

Hannah Ann points out the numbers again. Two roses. Three women.

The next morning, Hannah Ann is worried that after three one-on-one dates that Peter may feel different. Victoria knows she may have blown it last week. Kelley is becoming unlikable this episode because of her attitude and what she says about the others (whether true or not).

When the date begins, it's solemn. Each gives Peter a hug. They walk around the hacienda as Peter gives the speech about where they are as given by the script. They sit down to hear the owner tell the story of his family. Many generations have married there in the chapel.

Peter asks Hannah Ann to go off and talk first. Kelley kicks back, lays on the bench and says she'll be there waiting.

Hannah Ann starts crying about how hard the week has been on her. This could be one of the last times they will talk. She's been working to take the walls down. She's been writing down the reasons she is starting to fall for him.

Kelley is being way too smug while Victoria is breaking down. In her words, the weak get cut.

Peter finally comes to get her. She thinks Peter will see she is on a different emotional level and the only one ready for marriage.

He asks her where she thinks they are. She tells him she was frustrated to think she may be one of the only ones without a second one-on-one. Kelley does say she thinks they are in a good place. She thinks it could be fun. Peter wants her to think it's more than fun. She thinks it's super obvious they are the best match.

Victoria is up next. She knows there has been some doubts, and he's kind of confused. She wants to know where they are at and her take on it. She wisecracks about, "If that is how you want to spend your time." Victoria says that he is always in a mood. Peter says he's kind of attacking her. She acts really immature with everything she says.

Then, Victoria turns on the tears. It's weird.

Kelley is ready for her rose. Look at her. She's an attorney. Look at the other girls. What are they? Talk about cocky.

Peter comes back. He doesn't need dinner. He knows what he wants to do.

He picks up the rose, then asks Victoria to talk. As they walk away, she says, "I don't want to go."

Given the earlier conversation, this goes a whole lot better than expected. He wants to continue this, so he gives her a rose.

She does a 180 with her attitude now.

Peter comes back to Hannah Ann and Kelley. He tells them he did give Victoria a rose and picks up the other one from the table. He tells Hannah Ann he has enjoyed her sweet nature and every moment they have spent together to this moment. He tells Kelley he was grateful to have met her the way they did. This is difficult, but gives the rose to Hannah Ann.

Kelley hops up to walk off before Peter asks her if he can walk her out. (Leaving Hannah Ann sobbing with emotion.) Peter tells Kelley that maybe he was holding on to having met her before they entered the show. He had wanted it to work. Peter thought they had a friendship, but didn't see them at being at the point to see her as his wife.

Peter takes Hannah Ann back to the hotel where the girls are so excited to see HA.

Kelley thinks the four women that are left are all babies and questions Peter's decision making. She's glad he's not meeting her family now.

I guess I am team Madison.

Watching the previews, this whole thing is going to be a mess.