Survivor: Winners at War: As long as it's not me

I'm going to jump right into the recap of tonight's episode.

It's night 9 and Sele aka Boston Rob's tribe arrives back at the camp after voting Ethan off. 

Upon arrival, Rob says he feels sorry for Ethan, tells Adam good move and that he felt trapped.

Adam had told Boston Rob about his plans to off Parvati. Adam says he was betrayed by Rob. You see, he still thought the plan was Parvati, but Rob protected her. He knew Adam was playing all sides and votes went his way.
All of Adam's tribe mates think that he's an idiot for telling Rob his plan, and he has to go around and apologize to everyone.

Rob and Parv talk about trying to find a way to keep alive.

It's morning 10 at the Dakal tribe where Yul is really happy-go-lucky. He got up on the right side of the hard bamboo floor this morning. 

From the Dakal beach, they can see someone standing on the beach at Edge of Extinction. What might be going on out there?

Well, I'll tell you what's up at Edge of Extinction. 

Amber finds a box and gathers the others to read the message. There will be a chance for each of them to win fire tokens. They have to make a trip up the stairs to the top of the island and carry one log at a time down to the beach. It's going to take 20 trips. And it has to be done by sundown.

They may all die. Some are breathing hard first trip. Ethan thinks he'll be able to manage. We'll see.

Danni is looking quite boney already. I don't think she has the strength for it. Natalie, however, is a beast. Evidently, she is a CrossFit trainer. She has three fire tokens and wants to build her supply.

Old Man Ethan may have played professional soccer and survived cancer, but it's not easy.

Amber gets worn down, but maybe not as bad as Ethan.
Flash forward a little while. Medical has to come check on him. He made it 16 trips, but his blood pressure is low and he's feeling faint. Medical tells him he can continue, but he has to take his rests. He gets back up and battles for his last four.

Natalie makes it first. Amber manages to get all hers down. Danni makes it. For his last trip up and back, they all go with Ethan to get his last piece.

Teamwork. He inspired the rest there on Extinction.

Back at Sele, Rob and Michele are talking. She was 19 the last time he played. She was 9 the first time. 

Jeremy says Adam is the hardest working person at camp. Because Adam's like one of Jeremy's kids trying to make up for being in trouble.

Rob and Parvati ask Adam what his next move is. Rob thinks he might just make up a story to get Jeremy on his side. He's not afraid to lie. Michele believes Rob. Jeremy thinks Adam needs to go now.
Over at Dakal, Sarah seems to be trying to flirt with Tyson. She says they are bonding.

Tyson goes looking for clams and catching octopus. Tyson realizes the "unconnected players" are teaming up. That is true. He says those people are flying under the radar. So much so that he can't remember Sophie's name. Sandra thinks Tyson is lying to her about this. Sandra is after him now.

Challenge time!

Four tribe members are attached to a boat with three tribe members in it. They have to pull the boat to a tower and get keys to unlock puzzle pieces. Every challenge ends in a puzzle, evidently.

The prize will be chickens and immunity.

When it's time to sit someone out, Sandra volunteers again. Parvati asks Jeff if he's going to rename the bench after Sandra. Burn.

Tony sits out with her.

To get the keys to unlock the pieces, tribe members have to walk out on a balance beam and jump for them. Rob's team falls behind. Lazy Sandra's team gets their three keys first and head back while Rob's team only has one. Adam is the only one that can leap and get the keys.

Nick and Sarah get a major head start on the puzzle as Adam repeatedly jumps and misses the key. Only the people in the boat (Denise, Parvati and Adam) can go for the key while the swimmers wait. All Rob, Jeremy, Michele and Ben can do is wait. He finally gets the key, but it doesn't look like they have a chance given the head start on the puzzle the other team has.

Somehow, Rob's team gains ground while Sandra's team has to take theirs apart. Will Rob finally get a puzzle put together?

Nick is leading Sandra's team after doing the puzzle before, but they fall apart. Rob's team wins. Ben even kisses Rob.

If I were Dakal, I know who I would send home. Lazy Sandra will not make it with the physicality that Edge of Extinction requires (goodness knows I wouldn't).

After the challenge, Tyson does his interview talking about how everyone pats the puzzle makers on the back saying it's not their fault, but it is. Tyson is campaigning for Nick to go home. Yul agrees, Nick does nothing at camp and blew the puzzle.

Sandra says she doesn't care as long as it's not her. Tony is worried it's too easy for everyone to agree with Nick going home.

Wendell meets up with Sophie and Tony where they agree Tyson is going home. Wendell says Tyson is too connected with the other side. Then, everyone tells Nick he's fine and Tyson is going home.

Tyson tells Tony they have to stick together because they are both targets. I wouldn't trust Tony for anything.

Real conversations take place in smaller groups. Sandra is all about getting rid of Tyson, until Tony convinces her otherwise. Tony convinces Sandra that if Tyson goes, one of the two of them is next.

Tribal time!

Tony blathers first. Tony being Tony, who knows what he's saying. Jeff asks Yul about the numbers game he was always thinking out the last time around. Sophie makes a speech to which Nick replies if there is a swap, he's on her side.

Sandra is just saying, "As long as it's not me." Tyson points out this is always Sandra's game.

Jeff says that's a good point. They've seen each other play. Yul says not everyone is how he thought they would be. The younger ones are starstruck by some of the others. This discussion takes on a life.

In his early days, I wasn't a Tyson fan at all. he's grown on me. I hope it's not him, but it probably will be. It should be Sandra.

Time to read the votes.

No idols.

Kim (a vote in case Tyson had an idol)

That's enough, so two votes aren't read.

When he reaches the table to give someone his fire token, he says he'd rather swallow it. Since Nick said that Tyson was his Survivor idol, he drops the idol in his box.