The Bachelor: Peter: The Finale Part 1: Your mother doesn't always know what's best for you.

Are y'all ready for this? It's the first of a two-night finale.

Peter is down to his final two, and they get to spend time with his parents. They head to Alice Springs, the big fat middle of Australia, up from the Gold Coast. He relates the Outback being full of unknowns to his week ahead.

Peter is in love with two women. How will he say goodbye to one of them?

Yeah, I don't know when he actually said that.

When his mother sees Peter coming, she almost pees her pants.

Peter fills his parents in that Hannah Ann got his first impression rose, and Madison (who they met at the vow renewal) is the other (his first one-on-one date). He spills all the beans about the intimacy thing. Hannah Ann has said, "I love you," but Madison has not. Madison was the first he fell in love with though.

Today, they meet Hannah Ann. Peter describes her as pure innocence with confidence mixed in. His parents think she sounds like him. 

Hannah Ann is excited to meet Peter's brother, Jack, and his parents. They could be her future family.

Dad asks Hannah Ann's favorite part. In her doe-eyed way, she says just getting to know Peter. Oh, she's so gooey "sweet." Mom sees Dad and herself in the two of them.

Mom takes Hannah Ann off to talk. Peter falls hard, and she wants to see him be happy. HA cries as she talks about the fact this could be their last week. She wins Mom over.

Dad talks to HA next. Dad says they seem compatible. HA tells Dad that it was love at first sight, but she hasn't told Peter yet.

Dad tells Peter how HA put it all out there and that she's really into him. He asks Peter if there's anything that's lacking. His only hesitation is that he's in love with two women -- it's the dilemma that he's in. Peter pauses when Dad asks him if there's a direction he's leaning. Peter thinks he needs to spend more time with Madison to figure out where they are.

Peter sees Hannah Ann off as her day with the family comes to an end.

The next day, it's time for Madison to spend time with Peter's family.

Peter loves Madison and wants to do what he can to make this work.

The mood is much more somber when she arrives. Peter asks Madison how she's doing. She's still not doing well. She acknowledges this is his process, and he's a big boy who can make his own decisions. This was the only thing she's asked of him, and felt like he put his needs above hers.

Peter says this may hurt her feelings, but she is the only one who has not told him how she feels about him. He doesn't know how she feels. And she gave him an ultimatum. She was focused on the two of them, not really acknowledging the other things going on around them.

Madison says his relationships with the other women affects their relationship and fugure. Peter says he gets how hard it is being on the other side. He was in her shoes. Madi says she feels like she's hanging on by a thread and doesn't feel peace about it right now.

Peter tells Madison he has to meet her half way. Madison says she didn't want to leave his arms the night of their last date. She says love isn't the issue.


That's not the problem. The issue is "All this other crap."

Peter asks if she can see them together. She wants to, but doesn't know how. He tells her they can figure it out.

Madison bemoans this was supposed to be the best time for them. Peter says not to let all the other stuff get in the way.

They have a moment. They talk a little bit, and he finally gets her to smile.

They finally make their way in to see the rest of the family. Dad asks what's going on. Peter says they had a long conversation, and gave a quick overview of their relationship until they hit a roadblock. Dad knows the answer to the question before he asks it, but Dad asks what the roadblock was. Madison has to answer as to what that was. Peter could have covered or iced it over, but no, she gets put on the spot.

Peter talks to Madison first. Madison says there are some differences between them, the main one being faith. Peter told her that he could grow in that. Madison tells Dad that she genuinely wants what is best for Peter.

Peter and his brother sit down to talk. He starts off, "Obviously, you're very physical in relationships..." State the obvious there. He asks Peter about not having sex until they are married. He asks him about faith. Jack thinks Madison is raising red flags while there is a perfect girl on the other side. Peter says that marriage is about compromise.

Dad and Peter talk. The whole family calls him "Bud." a lot. Dad thinks the answer is clear. Peter says they don't know the Madison he know.

Mom tells Madison that she knows she is very religious. Peter is spiritual. His lifestyle is very different. Their lifestyles are different, and Mom doesn't want anyone to change him.


Mom respects her values, but Mom says that it is up to Peter as to who he wants to get physical with. Madison stands up to defend herself. Madison says she never told Peter what to do. She just told him it would be difficult for her.

This day opened Madison's eyes to a lot of things.

This day didn't go exactly the way Peter wanted it to go.

When Peter goes back inside, his Mom is BAWLING. Peter asks what's wrong.


She says Madison is not there for him, but... Mom said a prayer last night for Peter and Madison to see what they want. Mom thinks Madison is a nice girl, but Hannah Ann is an angel on Earth.

After Madison leaves, Peter is back talking to his family again. It's clear Peter wants it to work with Madison. None of his family is on Madison's team. His family is confused. Mom thinks this is a lot like last season with Hannah B. He was head over heels with Hannah B., but she chose the wrong person. Everyone can't understand why he isn't running after Hannah Ann. Peter thinks everyone is caught up on this, but he can see past it. Peter is Team Madison. The other three are passionately Team Hannah Ann.

Mom starts sobbing. This is where Mom says to, "Bring her home to us. We'll welcome her with open arms. She's a dream come true. God sent her to you."

Peter tells Mom she has to quit, that this is insane right now.

Maybe little brother needs to marry Hannah Ann.

Mom is nuts, by the way. One minute she's saying Madison is too religious for Peter, the next she's going on and on about angels and Hannah Ann being God's gift to Peter. That is talking out of both sides of your mouth.

The next day, Peter is frustrated with how his family reacted to Madison. He awaits for her small plane to land so that they can go on their last date. He's been able to see the future with her, and hope she can do the same. 

They are going to take a helicopter out to Uluru. On the flight, Peter gives her a lesson on all things about the rock. He keeps bringing up that it's a really spiritual place.

Madison sees that they are very different people now, and she's conflicted. For her, she's realized it is time to surrender.

After their their flight, they sit down for a picnic, and he got her sparkling apple juice.

She says their flight was amazing. She was hoping to come out here and find love, and she did. However, she keeps thinking, "Can love conquer all?" While she wants this badly, sometimes when you want something badly, you can't see clearly. She doesn't know if they can give each other what they need. Sometimes being a great fighter means knowing to surrender. She's willing to walk away so he can find that person. Peter asks how she knows she's not that person.

They have different expectations, and they shouldn't have to work so hard to overcome confusion. This doesn't make sense to Peter. Two days ago, she said she would accept a proposal. Madison realizes how different they are now when it comes to views on marriage, faith and lifestyle. She doesn't want him to change to be with someone and vice versa. He gets the differences, but it didn't matter to him. He was willing to do whatever to make it work.

But, Madison has determined it is time to go. Peter walks her to the car that is waiting and hugs her while swatting flies. They've been swatting at bugs since they sat down. Someone should have brought some OFF.

The next morning, Peter wakes up in a funk. He was head over heels in love with Madison, but she's gone now. He doesn't know how much his heart can take. Chris Harrison arrives on the scene. Chris heard what happened. Peter is trying to come down from the shock of it. He'd never surrender, even though he gets they were very different. He was ready to make it work, no matter how hard.

Side note: Chris Harrison has some really patch stubble. He really needs to shave.

Peter is feeling the heartbreak, but in the next breath says he does love Hannah Ann. Chris asks if he can get over it or if he is done.

Hannah Ann is ready for her date. She's so, so, so in love with Peter Weber. She's into a rude awakening given his current funk. 

Crocodile Dundee is going to take them on an adventure. He takes them to a kangaroo refuge. They get to play with baby kangaroos.

It's their turn to sit on a blanket and talk. He appreciates her never wavering. He felt no pressure form her in any way, but always felt her there. She loves him, but isn't going to make it hard on him.

Hannah Ann knows by looking into Peter's eyes that something is off. She loves him, but the decision is up to him. She hopes by the end of the night that Peter will have no doubt.

Later that night, Hannah Ann lights the candles in the hotel room and waits for Peter to arrive. Being here is an easy decision for her, but wants someone that is into her too. She doesn't want to lose Peter's love, but has to use every minute she has with him to show him that she loves him.

This is bittersweet for him. Peter's had the time of his life with her. Peter says she has been a rock for him. She says tomorrow is a big day unknown for her, and maybe him, but she loves him and how he makes her. Hannah Ann says she's speaking from her heart, and hope he chooses her for who she is. He never really says anything back to her. Finally, he says this has been the hardest week of his life. He's never doubted anything with her. He knows she wants him to be happy and has never questioned where her heart is. However, his heart is being pulled in two different directions. It's just been really tough and confusing for him.

Poor young thing is so naive. She thinks she wants this. She's so sure while he's not. He doesn't want her. He may or may not propose to her because she is the only one left. I'm not one to say someone deserves anything, but she deserves someone more sure than he is. She's right in saying she needs SOMETHING (anything) in return.


And that is where we end it for the night. I'll try to get tomorrow's finale posted tomorrow night, but there's a softball game on my calendar for tomorrow night.