The Bachelor: Peter: The Women Tell All

In true Monday fashion, I got dinner in the oven just in time to start blogging on The Bachelor. Then, I went to turn my laptop on because it had been sleeping, it got hung up and I had to force it to restart. I just knew I had killed it like I killed my desktop 6 weeks ago.

Luckily, it's back up and running, but by the time it was, my dinner was ready, so I just went ahead and ate it instead of eating during commercials. Now, I'm 40 minutes behind because... Monday.

So, here we go! It's going to be a "Women Tell All" night, but first, we're going to finish up some unresolved business in Australia.

When we left Peter last week, Madison and Peter were crying over Madison being upset that Peter had slept around this season. I'm not sure what exactly she expected, but we've been all over that before.

We pick up in Australia with Victoria and Hannah Ann getting all fancied up for the rose ceremony.

According to Victoria, Peter's love is very pure, and it's something she has never seen with anyone else before. She would be happy being with him the rest of her life. She's in love with him.

Peter means so much to Hannah Ann. Getting a rose means she could continue on and meet Peter's family. He has redefined what love means to her. But with him building two other relationships, she doesn't know what's on his mind.

Chris Harrison asks Peter how he is doing. He's a hot mess. He had two amazing dates, with Hannah Ann and Victoria, but he was honest about intimacy when he talked to Madison, and "It went horribly." He thinks maybe he didn't go about this week the right way. He has no idea what is going to happen at this rose ceremony. I can see all three of them as his wife.

He had such a great day with Hannah Ann. When Hannah Ann talks to Chris Harrison, her answers are so odd. She's so young.

Peter had a great date with Victoria. It went as well as it could. Victoria tells Chris she's in love with Peter.

Victoria and Hannah Ann (in her clear plastic stripper shoes) stand around waiting for Peter to arrive and wonder where Madi is. Have they not wondered before now since they were all sharing the same place?

Peter looks over to the place where the women are standing and doesn't see Madison. She's not shown up, so he's visibly distraught. He doesn't know if she's coming or not.

Victoria is sure the ultimatum messed with his head, and she hopes Madison doesn't come.

Hannah Ann wants to get the show on the road.

Madison finally arrives. She's really nervous and unsettled in talking to Chris Harrison. She says she WAS falling in love with him. Past tense. After last night, she doesn't know.

She makes her way to the other two women.

Peter comes on the scene and is extremely emotional. He says this is destroying him and that each of them has a little piece of his heart.

He picks up the first rose. Hannah Ann (who looks equally freaked out). They give each other a long hug.

As Peter picks up the next rose, petals fall off and blow to the ground. Symbolic or ironic, I suppose. He calls Madison's name. She pauses for a minute before going to get it. He asks her if she'll except the rose. After another pause, she says, "Yeah." He asks, "Are you sure?" "Yeah."

When he hugs her, you can literally hear one of their hearts beating over the microphone. It's loud.

Peter and Victoria walk off, then sit to talk before he takes her all the way to the car. Peter tells her how real everything was for him. He was falling in love with her. All of his feelings were real. He just knows his heart is further along with the other girls.

Victoria says she feels stupid. Then, she doesn't know what to say other than, "It is what it is." He takes her to the limo. She says that again in the limo as she rides away.

She thinks what Madison said to him - swaying his mind with an ultimatum - made a difference.

When he gets back, he hugs Hannah Ann, then Madison.

Madison gives the toast, "Here's to seeing if love can conquer all."

Chris Harrison says that rose ceremony was the most emotional one he has ever witnessed.

And now to the women telling all. 

Of course, there are a couple of women none of us remember like Kylie and Sarah along with the other Victoria, Tammy, Mykenna, and Kelsey. I'm not sure that Kelley is there. Hmmm.

Chris asks the women about the ultimatum now that they have seen how things went down now that Victoria F. has joined them. Lexi said going into the show, you know what happens on fantasy suites. Sydney says she comes from the same community as Madison and didn't think it was an ultimatum, but rather telling him her standards. Sydney was pro Madison.

He get the highlight reel before diving in. What everyone said about everyone else is put back out there for all to see and hear.

Countdown to Tammy and Mykenna getting into it.

Nope, we're going to start with Victoria P. and Alayah. Sydney is asked to chime in, and she launches into how Alayah was scripted. Lexi talks about all of Alayah's pageant talk. Alayah says her biggest regret was her word vomit, but if anyone knew her away from the show knew she was the same way off the show, including her 10 octaves. Her mom calls it her princess voice.

Savannah and Mykenna start after each other. Then Sydney chimes in and twelve of them start talking at one time. Neither Chris Harrison or the audience can make out any of the conversation.

After a break to calm to the conversation, they come back to talk about Champagne-gate. At least Kelsey now admits she went insane and her reaction was over the top. They mention the champagne going up her nose which really burned.

Tammy rolled her eyes. Tammy is asked about a situation between her and Kelsey. Kelsey never claimed to be sober, we quickly roll into a pill-popping discussion, it gets escalated, and Kelsey gets emotional for being called things she wasn't because the accusations were serious.

Then, we move on to Sydney and Mykenna on the two-on-one. Maurissa tries to say something, but someone points out what did she know, she went home night one. Then, Kierra jumps in and says that she's a nanny and knows childish behavior when she sees it which she points towards Mykenna.

This seriously may be the fastest moving change from one name calling session to another. If I'm not making sense here, it's really because it is hard to keep up.

Mykenna goes into part 2 of her big speech towards Tammy picking up where she left off on the two-on-one date. Tammy asks how long she rehearsed this. Tammy claims that Mykenna always spread her legs when cameras were around.

Chris Harrison is over all this. He calls for a time out so that he can bring them one at a time to the hot seat.

First up, Kelsey, to revisit all things champagne related again. 

Cue the highlight reel again. It's all emotional for her. Was all season long. I'm not really listening to her. Kelsey talks about how emotions are a good thing. He calls out fellow-crier from seasons in the past, Ashley I. aka Ash Kardash who presents her with a giant bottle of champagne.

Enough of that. Now we are subjected to previews of Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. The whole point is to be the next private concert act it seems. All sorts of pairs hooking up it appears. I'm not blogging about this craziness, just so you know. Too many different pairings and partner tradings it appears. 

Next on the hot seat: Victoria F.

We get to see her highlight reel as well, ending with getting sent home at the rose ceremony just shown earlier.

Watching back, she sees how much he cared for her, and he just didn't realize it at the time. She got in her own way. She also realizes he put up with a lot from her.

They go on to talk about the conversation out in front of her parents' house. Chris asks about the accusation that she broke up marriages. She is adamant about she did not. Victoria knows she could have handled the whole season better.

Peter comes out to face the women. 

To start things off, Peter confesses he had no clue what it was going to be like to be THE Bachelor.

Kelsey had to get in the first word and thank him for their time because it helped her figure out who she wants to look for.

Chris says that many people didn't understand the relationship with Victoria F., so she comes back up to talk to him. She apologizes for putting him through hell. That's really all that is said. She didn't have to come to the hot seat for that.

It's now open for anyone to say anything. Mykenna jumps in to say that she wished he didn't put her through that rose ceremony if he knew that he was going to send her home.

Savannah asks if he regrets giving some of the women that brought drama more attention than some of the others. Peter says he just had to follow his heart.

After the blooper reel, but before moving on to a preview of the final episode, Chris Harrison has former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey on to talk about online harassment. There is some really ugly stuff out there. Not criticism, hate and threats.

Following the various serious conversation, we get a preview of next week.

Now, on another note... Clare Crowley who was on Juan Pablo's season about six years ago, has been in paradise a couple of times and failed at the Bachelor Winter Games has been announced as the next Bachelorette.

The woman was an emotional case and and she talked to raccoons. I think she is a hot mess. However, she'll be 39 during her taping, and I've been wanting contestants around that age. There will be men in their early forties. I want to see what they are like compared to these twenty-three year-olds. This is actually what I asked for. Gotta be careful about that.