Survivor: Winners at War: I missed the moment I've been waiting for all season

I had a frustrating day. I'll spare you the details, but COVID-19 needs to go away. I'm not sick, just sick of it. Can I get an amen?

So, I didn't sit down to start Survivor on time, but when I did sit down and turn on the TV, my satellite receiver couldn't connect to the network.

I recorded 51 minutes of Survivor, went black for a period of time and got a recording of two more minutes. You know that's just commercials and a peek at next week.

What that means is that I'll have to try to get it online before I can finish this post. Because, you know, nothing is going to go smooth today.

We didn't see how the Extinction Island people were doing last week, but I'm sure we'll get a glimpse at the Rob and Amber reunion this week.

It's day 15 on the Yara beach... 

This tribe thinks they are evidently free to do what they want now that Rob is gone. They can talk to each other now. Ben said it was a lack of respect for other players that sent Rob packing. He thinks he can team up with Sophie and Sarah now.

Adam is nervous now. He realizes he is low man on the totem pole, and Ben isn't talking to him anymore.

On Edge of Extinction...

Tyson finds a log with a clue. The four that had to haul all the logs down the mountain just hope they don't have to take their piles back up. Tyson reads the clue that basically says they can win another fire token, but they have to turn over every stone. Sometimes, you're just at the right place at the right time. Tyson doesn't have a token, but four people do. He doesn't want Rob to find it. Rob thinks it's on a cliff because edge has a double meaning in the clue. Rob says he turns over about 8 million rocks.

Tyson picks up on the right place at the right time which is a tide reference. Tyson finds it and is almost caught by Rob.

They take a break to eat rice. When everyone goes back out to look, Tyson reads the clue. It's a idol nullifier (evidently not a real word according to spell check) that has to be to be sold to someone still in the game. He sends it to Parvati.

Instead of saving up tokens to buy an idol, he buys a giant jar of peanut butter. He's going to build up his energy to get back in the game.
On Day 16 when the tribes gather for the next immunity challenge, some are quite surprised it was Rob that was voted off.

Parvati and Michelle do not look happy.

The teams will run out to a boat holding three bags of rice. They have to bring them back through obstacles to stab the bags until they find a ball in each. The balls then go through a puzzle maze.

The first team, and only the first team wins immunity and peanut butter and jelly.
When they call for who is going to sit out, it's no surprise that Sandra sits her butt on the bench. When the teams aren't even, she ain't playin'. I don't know why her new tribe isn't arguing a big. Michele has to sit out for her tribe, they talk about it first.

Sele gets to opening their bags first. Yara comes up second. Sele is last at getting their bags ready to stab.

Sele gets the third ball right before Yara. They start their mazes first. Sele gets a ball first. Yara gets one, then two. Sele gets their second.

Sophie gets the third in for Yara just in the nick of time. Adam is oh so very thankful.

As the tribes head back to their camps, it's time for Dakal and Sele to decide who is going home. 

Parvati doesn't feel good about this. Wendell and Yul are ready to vote her out. Nick is disappointed with that because he wanted to play with his Survivor crush. Michele isn't sure anything they can do will save Parv. Michele runs the idea by Wendell for her to vote for him in hopes of some fire tokens. Michele and Wendell dated, and he won't trust her.

Wendell and Parvati talk. They know they are after each other. They throw out the idea of Nick or Yul. Wendell says he'll vote for whoever she says for two fire tokens -- before, not after it happens. Parv takes this info to Nick to try to get him to turn. Michele goes to Nick to get him to turn on Wendell.

Over to Dakal... Tony doesn't know what's going on, so he's talking too much again in camera interviews. He hides in a bush to be able to listen to everyone and find out plans. When Sandra, Denise and Kim start talking, Sandra's radar goes up, and she moves them to talk somewhere else.

Denise says Sandra thinks she is in charge of the game. Denise tries to take the humble (in her words) approach to play. Sandra warns them to watch out from Tony who has been missing for a while. Sandra figures out he's in a spy shack and warns people not to talk around the well. Jeremy wonders why he is doing this since he isn't on the chopping block.

When he comes out, Kim gets after him for freaking out. Everyone except Denise get together to talk.

Sandra tries to get Denise to hand her two fire tokens for an idol. Sandra says Denise can pick the man to vote out. Denise deals with Sandra, saying she will take one token now, and the other later when she gets confirmation that the idol is real.

As Sele gathers at tribal, Jeff asks if anyone is seeing a theme for the season. Wendell calls it the season of pre-existing connections.

Wendell gets mad when people start insinuating something about him. After some talk, Parv asks Wendell if the token deal still stands. After some alluding, an agreement doesn't come out of the talk.



Jeff sends them on their way, and Parvati drops her tokens in Michele's box.

Dakal arrives. Jeff asks Kim about the theme of game play. She says threats vs. non-threats. Jeff asks with 20 winners how there can be threats and non-threats. Sandra's answer is a list of who she sees as threats vs. non-threats. She sure thinks she's special.

They talk about formal tribal lines. They talk about how it seems to be Denise this vote.

And there my 51 minutes ends. With those last two minutes of commercials and a preview, I know who was sent packing, hallelujah, and who she gives the tokens to (Yul).

Now, let me go see if I can pull up to see how it went down.

Not going to be able to watch it tonight, but the tribe finally got smart and sent Sandra home. Now she and Rob can eat each other alive on Extinction.

Thursday morning update:

I just pulled up the episode. Alright, the conversation continues on having the numbers, and Sandra says you have to exploit numbers because it's them or you.

Sandra votes Denise "for show" because she doesn't think it's Denise going home tonight.

Jeff does his call for hidden immunity idols. Denise asks for a minute. She brings up an idol she says she happened upon today. It is real. She sits down. She asks for another minute. She pulls out another idol that she wants to play for Jeremy. She sits down. It's also real. 

The votes are read:


Sandra was looking all entertained by this until her name is read. Tony doesn't know how this is possible. Jeremy just shakes his head. 

Sandra's response is. "Day 16 got me again."

Denise says she is ready to throw up.

Kim's response is that she is impressed.