The Bachelor: Peter: The Finale Part 2: Mom Expects Her Son to Fail

Here we go! It finally ends here.

We know that Madison is going to regret leaving and come back. We know Momma Barb is going to get hysterical again, but we don't know how it all shakes out.

Supposedly, it's going to be the most dramatic ending ever. Sorry, that's most emotional and historic.

The women and Chris Harrison don't know what's going to happen. Something is supposed to happen on the stage tonight.

We start with Peter running around the Australian Outback. He sits on a rock contemplating Madison leaving, but true love will rise above all.

He knows what he has with Hannah Ann is true love. He's put her through a lot. Now he's determined he's found that person.

So, basically, since the woman he wanted left him, he's determined to make a go with the one that's left. Neil Lane comes with his briefcase to give Peter five options. (Let it be known he has the briefcase in the audience of the studio tonight too.)

Peter picks his ring, gets ready for the proposal, and calls up Hannah Ann's father to ask permission. He's ready to tell Hannah Ann, "I love you."

Hannah Ann woke up reflecting what the day could be. She's not so confident as Peter told her the night before Hannah Ann arrives, and e that his heart was being pulled in two ways. She's tired of giving without getting anything back. To her, it doesn't seem like Peter's there. She's about ready to tap out. She falls onto the bed in desperation, in her fancy dress.

Chris Harrison meets Peter on the platform. Chris breaks the news that he's not sure that Hannah Ann is going to come today. Peter asks if she knows that Madison is gone. Chris says, "No, not unless you told her."

Peter thinks he may pass out. He has to go in and lie down too. It makes no sense to him that Hannah Ann would think about not showing up.

But, never fear, Hannah Ann is at least in a car to somewhere. Chris tells Peter that Hannah Ann is coming. She's on the way. (Cue the dramatic music.)

Hannah Ann arrives, and Chris Harrison sends her down to Peter. In her heart, she believes their love is so strong, and that's why she's here. She can't go through with this unless she knows that she is the only one that he loves.

As they hug, someone's heart is beating super fast through the microphone. He asks how she's doing. Her response is, "It was a hike to get here."

It takes Peter a while to get started. He starts his speech about the first impression rose and how there was never a doubt about who it was going to. He admits telling her his heart was torn in two different directions, but he has to follow his heart. Then he interjects that Madison went home two days ago. He doesn't tell the whole story, so he goes on to compliment Hannah Ann. She about goes nuts when he can say, "I love you." She does a 180 attitude wise, and accepts the ring and the final rose.

There's a whole lot of something coming up because we are only 22 minutes into 2 hours and 6 minutes of finale.

The studio audience cheers, but they have to know this isn't all of it.

Before we proceed any more, we have to see the previews of American Idol meets The Bachelor. Twenty musical singles looking for a connection. So, basically Bachelor Pad with private concerts between the contestants. I'm absolutely serious when I say I'm not going to watch it. Seriously. No big talk, then watch it anyway. I just can't.

Ok, so back to Peter. He just got back from Australia, and his family doesn't know anything, so he's going to tell them how things ended up. Mom starts crying as soon as he walks in the door.

I'm glad she's not going to be my mother-in-law. She's just too much.

It's been a week since they've seen each other. Brother, Mom and Dad are all holding hands as they wait for Peter to announce who he proposed to. Mom cries hysterically as "Bud" chose the woman she told him to.

They all Facetime Hannah Ann. Barb's already calling Hannah Ann her daughter.

Peter arrives in studio all smiles. 

So, evidently all is good with Hannah Ann? The way Peter acts, it seems so, but some drama happened along the way. Hannah Ann is backstage, and they won't reveal yet if all went well.

Back to footage... Hannah Ann arrives to see Peter in LA. The inset has Momma Barb watching this footage.

It's been a month since Hannah Ann and Peter have seen each other. She talks about how hard it has been. Peter says she has been a rock, always there for her. Hannah Ann shakes her head. She wants to continue being that for him, but...

Peter tears up as he says he loves her, but he's been struggling. It kills him to put her through this and give everything and for him to be where he's at. She said yes to a partnership and working through things together, but if he can't give it to her in return, that's not a relationship. Peter says he never intended to give his heart to two people.

This is more and more of the same conversation they were having last night. What's different is that he says he can't give her his whole heart. Hannah Ann she took her first engagement away from her. She's been patient and had faith in him. She gets up to go to the bathroom. Momma Barb shakes her head watching. Cue more dramatic music back in the studio.

I feel like this has happened too many times in recent seasons.

Hannah Ann calls Peter out on his crap when she comes out of the bathroom. When she calls him selfish, all he can say is, "You're right."

She needs someone not torn and conflicted 90% of the time. She doesn't need anything else from him, he's done enough damage. She gives him the ring back and leaves. (Mom is applauding in the audience for some reason.)

Hannah Ann doesn't get out the door before Peter calls out to her. He knows she's going, but he wants to talk to her. She can't trust what he says, so she's OUT.

Chris asks Peter if he is OK after watching that back. He's obviously not. He just couldn't give her what she gave him.

Hannah Ann comes out and gives him heck over the things he said. She said he knew exactly what to say to win her over. She doesn't believe any of it.

He swears he wouldn't have proposed if he didn't love her. Peter didn't know how much to share with her. Hannah Ann says he should have sat down with her and told her all about what had gone on that last week. He had two days to talk to her after Madison left. She makes some valid points about what he should have done. She likes to use the word "blindsided" a lot. More than Survivor contestants.

Moving on from Hanna Ann's time on the stage,

Peter doesn't know this, but Chris Harrison took it upon himself to go to Auburn, AL to visit with Madison. Madison talks about how hard the day was. She regrets what happens and would have done things differently. Madison asked what happened after she left. Chris tells her that Peter got engaged, but is single now because he broke it off with Hannah Ann.

Madison doesn't know how to react. Chris asks if she is still in love with Pete.She doesn't really answer the question. Madison asks Chris what Peter wants. Chris said, "I think it would be to be with you."

Madison says if she had a second chance, she'd take it in a heartbeat. He tells her to back a bag because they are on their way back to LA.

She flies out to California and when she arrives at whatever house they're at, walks up to Peter standing out by a pool. He's surprised to see her, and Madison says she wants to talk. Peter was expecting Chris Harrison.

Confession: This whole thing is putting me to sleep. I'm trying really hard not to nod off.

Madison had been struggling ever since she got home. Her feelings haven't gone away. The hug and beating hearts thing happens again.

Blah, blah, blah, honestly. He hasn't fallen out of love with her. Obviously, she's there for a reason.

Peter and Madison have not seen each other since that day beside the pool.

When asked, Peter says she is still in love with Madison.

Madison comes out on stage. Momma Barb doesn't look pleased.

More of each of them blathering about strong feelings, yada, yada, yada. They don't know where this is going to go.

Chris goes to Momma Barb to see how she is feeling. Barb says what was shown last night, of course, was only part of it. She embraced Hannah Ann because she was so warm and loving towards her. She loved Hannah Ann. The next day, it started on a rocky road because Madison had made them wait three hours because she didn't want to come in and see them. As Barb tells it, Madison said she was not madly in love with her son and would not accept a proposal in four days.

Madison is poised as she listens to this, biting her tongue to not react.

Before hearing from Madison and Peter, we have to go to commercial.

Madison says she can't change the past. She's promised herself she would be true to herself during this journey, and she has. She's not going to say anything bad about anyone. Peter says his family can be passionate at times, and everything comes from a place of love. Yes, they were having a rough time in Australia, but this is who he loves.

Chris understands Barb wants best for her son. She makes a stab at Madison saying that she's never been willing to compromise. She acts like Madison didn't love him. Madison finally steps in and says it was her journey too. This isn't just Peter choosing her, it's her choosing Peter.

Mom says to move forward, he's going to have to fail to succeed. She's convinced it's not going to work out. Chris asks Dad what he thinks. Dad says you don't start all this with the obstacles they've had.

With zero support from Peter's family, it's up to Peter and Madison to see where this goes.

Moving on to the future, Clare Crowley is there to talk about her journey. 

I'm not a fan of Clare, but I want to see how older contestants act. She's 38, I'm 43. If her men are close to her age, that's more fun for me. Maybe these people actually know what they want.

And so ends another season of The Bachelor