Survivor: Winners at War: It's a Young Person's Game

Is it just me or are the people on Extinction way more interesting than the people left on any tribe?

Seriously, who remembers Sophie, Adam or Nick when they won their seasons? Do I just not pay attention anymore when I watch (a possibility while scrolling on my phone or something) or do I have some form of dementia and only remember 15 or more years ago?

We start at night 16 on Extinction where Parvati tells the crew how no one would work with her anymore. Then, Sandra shows up. (They were just both voted off on the same night.) This gives Parvati a small feeling of consolation.

When Sandra tells what happened, Rob asked why she ever gave that much power to Denise. Her answer was that she was human. She let feelings get to her and she felt a little something for Denise.

They talk a little bit about the food situation. Sandra knows this island is not for her. She's not going to be out there 23 days to do one challenge to try to get back in the game. She isn't good at challenges (and everyone knows that), so she's done. You have to be in a challenge, to be good at a challenge, but... She says she will always remain queen as she raises the flag, goes off in the boat.

I say she's the biggest quitter. C'mon! It's Winners at War and you just rang the bell. Loser.

Night 16 at Parvati's old camp. Yul goes to Wendell to talk about how tribal went down. Yul thinks the talk goes fine and respectful. The next morning, Michele goes to Wendell. He gets confrontational. Michele, like an idiot even gave him one of Parvati's fire tokens to make nice, and that didn't work. That was dumb on her part. She doesn't want to work with him anymore. 

Day 17: Back to Extinction. Ethan feels depressed and defeated. He needs to find some hope. Parvati asks if he is going to pull the flag. He refuses to give up, but he has a much different perspective than most.
Ethan later finds a box that must be opened together. Each gets a scroll. There are four hidden fire tokens at the end of trails. There's no limit how many one person can get. They all sprint off and leave the rice on the fire. Rob takes off. Tyson thinks that Rob is portly and he can catch up at some point.

Tyson goes up the first trail and finds one on the ground. They all gather again and everyone swears to not have anything and they start frisking one another. What no one knows is that Rob has already found all of the other three.

On Sandra's old tribe, they just think they are bored. There's four of them, and they aren't social distancing. Tony is running around and entertaining the tribe.

Tony thinks Denise is growing as a threat, but Jeremy thinks Tony is still the threat. Kim and Jeremy think they need a plan for the merge. She could be convinced to go with this group of four than going back to any of her previous tribe mates. Denise talks to Kim about the two of them with Jeremy being tight going forward.

On the other tribe, they are enjoying what's left of the peanut butter. Ben and Adam are asking each other about where the immunity idol might be. Little do they know Sophie is in possession. Adam thinks between Ben and Sarah, one of them has it.

The men go out looking. Adam finds Ben annoying though. Adam is convinced Sarah has it and lies to him. Sophie shares what Adam talks about with the others so they don't think she's in cahoots with him. Sarah and Ben offer to dump out their bags to prove they don't have it. Adam is annoying all of them.

Maybe there's something to be said about being home alone. Ten days and counting.

Day 18: Challenge time

The teams have to big "saucers" through an obstacle course to fill with water. They have to get enough water back to the well to fill up a well back at the other end. When the well is filled, the puzzle pieces will drop. The first two teams go faster than the third, meaning they have to go back again. Yara takes FOREVER while the other teams almost lap them. It pays off. Slow and steady strategy means they only have to make one run.

Dakal and Sele quickly catch up and get their puzzle pieces.

Ben and Sophie had the head start on the puzzle and pull off the first immunity spot. It's neck and neck. Jeremy and Denise get theirs before Wendell and Michele put their last piece in.

Nick did this challenge in his season and lost. He lost again. Yul, Michele, Wendell and Nick are going to tribal tonight. Yul thinks Wendell is a showboat and trying to get Jeff's attention instead of concentrating on the puzzle dug his grave.

Back at camp, Michele apologizes to the rest of the tribe. Nick blames Wendell for the same reasons as Yul. Yul and Nick agree on Wendell while Michele and Wendell wash their shoes at the beach.

Michele agrees to go with Wendell. He thinks Nick is going to be on his side too.

Yul talks to Michele and she agrees to vote with them and assures her there's nothing to worry about.

Yul comes up with a plan to try to get Wendell's fire tokens. This strategy play scares Nick. Maybe he and Michele should go the other way.

So everyone talks and there's lots of back and forth. Yul, Wendell, Yul, Wendell.

It's tribal time. Jeff starts asking Wendell what's up, telling he's ready to say something. Wendell basically just says it's been a tough day. Jeff calls on Yul next, the last old school player left. Yul talks about how it's so much more complicated and he's had to lie a lot. He talks about trying to convince people with fire tokens.

Conversations move to pre-existing conversations. Michele and Wendell yammer on about ifs and buts.

Yul makes a final plea to work with them and not be blind-sided. They've been together this whole time, but now someone has to go.

Wendell votes Yul.

Yul votes Wendell.

We know that from watching. When the votes are read:


He's the 9th person voted out. Where will his fire tokens go? He has two. One to Sophie and one to Sarah.

The tribes are starting to look an awful lot like the cast of The Bachelor or something. It's all the young people and I feel old again.

Next week: The merge!