Survivor: Winners at War: I called the shuffle last week

I'm a day late on my post. I was originally planning on watching Wednesday night after I got home from church, but I ended up going to the grocery store because I needed food and with the fears of COVID-19 growing worse through the day, I decided I needed to go while I could and also get my claim on toilet paper. While I did buy extra, I'm more concerned with everyone buying it up than anything. There have been times in the course of normal, everyday life where I have had to go to the store just to get toilet paper. I'm not going to be caught in a situation where I need it and don't have it.

I feel like this had a direct correlation to Survivor. I couldn't do the show for numerous reasons, athletic ability included, but I don't camp. The first day I was covered entirely with mosquito bites (which I no doubt would be), I'd be crying for home. I like my bed and my weighted blanket too much. And, I don't function well without actual bathrooms and running water to wash my hands. I strongly despise Porta Potties. I want a clean, functional bathroom with toilet paper.

Everyone would outlast me on that part.

Now, onto our show...

It's Day 12 on Dakal (Sandra's camp). Nick thinks all is well in the world with Tyson gone. He does appreciate Tyson giving him his fire token though. Maybe under other circumstances they could have worked together.

Yul is talking about not keeping in contact with any of his fellow castaways from his season other than Jonathan Penner. Yul, Wendell and Sarah talk about how his wife is battling ALS. He's hoping that maybe in winning they can help the Penner family out and bring awareness. Good job, Yul!

As the teams gather on the beach, it's time for a tribe mix-up. If I didn't say it in my post last week, I said it to someone on Facebook. After that last vote, I knew it was time for a tribe switch.

Rob doesn't much like this. He was in control of the game in Marquesas, his first season when a tribe switch happened that messed up his game.

They are going from two tribes to three tribes.

BLUE: The new Sele with 2 former Sele (women)  and 3 former Dakal (men).


RED: The new Dakal with 3 former Dakal and 2 former Sele.


GREEN: Which is 3 former Sele members (men) and 2 former Dakal (women).


Adam is sweating his situation because he burned some bridges with his tribe. For Rob's sake, they better stay original tribe loyal.

The new members of Dakal are impressed with camp and all that Wendell did. Jeremy, being on the short end of the numbers is trying to seek out which member of Dakal might be on the outs and flip. Will Kim be it? Kim and Denise seem to have a bonding moment. Will Kim pull Denise in or Kim go with Denise and Jeremy?

Sandra and Tony talk about lions and hyenas, or more specifically Tony is making this analogy and rambling on nonsense. He knows Kim may go to the other side.

They do eat well on a big eel.

But enough of Dakal, what's up with Sele? Nick is happy to be back with his allies. The women are going to have to win a man over. 

Parvati tries to bond with Yul whose wife is a fan of hers. (They played together before, but were never on the same team.) Nick admits he had a crush on Parv when he was in high school. Parv laughs at the awkwardness of the fact Michele and Wendell used to date and it ended badly. Now they are on a very small tribe together. Will it be a problem?

Then, the new tribe...

Ben is concerned about the Rob and Adam past.

Rob gets the scoop from the women about what went down with the Amber and Tyson votes. Those were unanimous votes. Conversation goes to the Ethan vote. The women can feel the tension with the men. Everyone has conversations with everyone else one-on-one about possible alliances and dishing dirt. Sophie thinks there are so many cracks, the men might decide they are still better off sticking together. They know there has to be an idol somewhere. They all seek out to look. The last time Rob found an idol on one of his later seasons, he found the idol with four clues.

Sophie finds it. She has to give half of the idol to someone else by sundown. She gave Kim the other half of her (Kim's) idol back before the swap, so she understands the struggle of what to do with it. She ends up teaming with Sarah.

Now, it's time for the immunity challenge.

After running through an obstacle course, they use sandbags to knock blocks off a pedestal. Then, the four big blocks have to be stacked where there is one of each of four colors on each side of a stack.

Yara gets through the obstacles first. Then, Sele. Dakal is last.

Ben and Rob get their blocks down first. It's up to Adam and Sophie to get the blocks.

Sele gets their blocks next. Dakal may never make it.

Parvati and Wendell start on their blocks.

Jeremy and Sandra seem to make up some time, at least momentarily.

Sele gets theirs first.

Yara has to start over.

Dakal comes from way behind to be Yara who had a major lead. Rob's team can never do the puzzles.

I seem to be team underdog. Rob hates to lose, but still thinks they have disposable members.

It's scramble time for Yara.

Sophie knows as a puzzle person today, she's vulnerable. The men all take off. Sophie and Sarah think they may have Ben on their side.

The men all agree not to write each other's name down. Rob asks Adam who he wants to get rid of. Adam thinks Sophie is more valuable in challenges. Rob says they have choices, but recommends all three men go back to camp as a united unit and none of them goes off to talk with one of the women. It's Rob's version of the buddy system. The key being not giving the women a chance to talk to one of the men.

Adam just finds this to be boring, and it gives no one to play and maneuver. Ben sees this as the Rob power play. Ben sees his choices as going with "The Godfather" or go with the women.

Sarah sees Rob's play as negative. She's hoping they send Rob home. She has a steal a vote and could get rid of him now, but knows it will get messier. Sarah gets Sophie to give her the other half of the idol back so she can pull out an idol if she starts to feel uneasy.

I guess we aren't going to find out how Tyson bonded with fire token thirsty Natalie because we've reached time for tribal.

Jeff asks Sophie how the game is different this time. She says the relationships and different combinations of voting. Ben talks about someone turning into a dictator, but everyone knows not to poke the bear.

The women talk about how little conversation there was after the men came back into camp. The women say they are open to working with any of the men if they want to talk. The men talk about the numbers game.

It's time to vote.

Rob votes for Sarah. That is shown before Jeff tallies.

Does anyone have an idol they want to play? The women don't pull it out.


That's enough... a vote remains unread.

Yeah, I saw that one coming too. Rob leaves his fire token to Parvati.