Not one, but two cooking mishaps... or is that three?

My EveryPlate box ended up coming a day late this week. It's still August in Texas, so the ice was melted and I had to toss the meat and sour cream. That was mishap #1 that I'm not sure if it counts towards my total or not. That wasn't on my part.

Thankfully, I had some ingredients in the freezer and was able to add a couple of things from my grocery order to pull off the recipes. 

After the last jalapeno incident, I cooked it with the bell pepper and onions to skip belly burn. Good choice.

I'm staying away from adding zest in my sour cream after this. I'm just not digging it right now.

I can always eat fajitas though!

I do like doing burger patties in the air fryer. 

I tried the potatoes in there too, but wasn't as successful. I think that's going to take some trial and error.

Now, see this little thing here? It's from the end of my slicer. I sliced my onions and it landed in it. I cooked it with my onions. I noticed it, but thought it was still just an onion.

It wasn't until I microwaved it with my leftover onions that I realized it wasn't an onion. I felt so stupid after cooking and reheating it!

I should pay more attention. :/

So after that stupid move, I made another one.

I decided to make mashed potatoes with my porkchops. I boiled them up, added in butter, sour cream and some cream cheese to the pot I cooked the potatoes in. I plugged in the mixer and had to reset the plug because it wasn't working for some reason. Got it going.

Flung potatoes all over the kitchen because the beaters threw them all over creation.

Finally got them beautifully mashed. I served them up on the plate. I noticed black flecks throughout. Like a fine ground black pepper. Except I didn't add black pepper. 

It was the black from the bottom of the pot I cooked the potatoes in. I had to throw the whole pot of potatoes away.

I think that is a garlic chunk you see there in my fig jam glaze. Because... garlic. Not something I'd normally have, but it was good. I'm broadening the norm.

In better food and beverage news, I was able to celebrate the beginning of Starbucks' "fall" season today by getting a salted caramel mocha Frappuccino on the first day it was available on app. This is my favorite flavor that they need to have year round. 

From there, I stopped at the farmer's market where I bought a hanging basket for my mom's birthday and a jar of pickled okra from a lady we've run into over the years at craft shows. That's an exciting weekend around here!

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