Anything you say is going to be random

I think that as much as anything, my latest pursuit onto the singles site is to have conversation. For one thing, you have to start somewhere. And it's nice to have male/female friends of all ages in a chat room. Things do get interesting at times.

If you read yesterday's entry, I'll pick back up where I left off.

So, a week or so after the "I have a brother" came up, the sister sent me a message that she had told her brother about me and that I sounded "interesting" so she could send me his email address.

Where does one start an email to someone you have never met to begin a conversation? Anything you say is going to be random. Besides, I'm not really sure what was said about me that was deemed "interesting."

I had seen a picture of him on Facebook in front of a panda at the zoo, so I told him a story about not getting to see a panda at the National Zoo. (It was a vacation story with my parents, so you know it has to have had at least some entertainment value.)

In order to answer the questions he had for me, I really might as well have emailed my resume along with a headshot. My questions in return are way more random, but in many ways much more telling.

I was telling a friend about this and she said she wouldn't know where to start when it came to starting a conversation with a stranger like this, and she said she probably wouldn't do it.

I think that finding out the answer (and how one answers), "have you ever played the tuba?" really does fill you in on some information more so than "what is your complete educational background?" And yes, I have asked the tuba question.

Over the past week, I can say that I do have a new pen pal in China. Actually, he's not a big fan of email, so I have a phone pal. The reason why I didn't make the intended post Thursday was because I was on the phone in fact.

I think part of the reason this does not freak me out or intimidate me is because I talk to so many people and get to know them via phone and email on a daily basis. Many of you reading this probably just know me by email, Facebook and this blog. Besides, if he and his sister are telling the truth, he really is in China and will be for several months. Therefore, it's a lot harder to be hunted down.

And let me tell you, the conversations have been random as well. I can now tell you how upping the minimum wage is not always a good thing for the workforce, especially when it is enforced (or will be enforced) in American Samoa and thereby wreaking havoc on their tuna industry. I also have learned about visiting the emergency room in China.
Oh, there are certain things that shouldn't be discussed right away, especially when you don't really know the other person. In fact, why don't you leave a few suggestions of what not to discuss here as comments!


Qtpies7 said…
I can't even remember being single anymore, but I can imagine plenty of things NOT to talk about for awhile, lol.
I would be awful in the dating scene, because I don't really have much of a filter on my mouth, haha.