The lazy blogger

I did a survey post for the company blog today, so am going to post some fun questions here. I will answer the questions after the first person responds.

What is your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid?

What was first pet's name?

What was your first record, tape and CD?

What was your first concert?

What was the last concert you went to?

Have you ever had an embarrassing nickname?

How many major league ballparks have you been too?

How many states have you been to?

Do you have a "guilty pleasure" TV show?


Christine B. said…
Koolaid: Grape, or maybe lime
First let's name: As a kid, we had Pokey, named after the Pokey little puppy. My first pet as an adult, I had a black and white cat named Indigo.
First cassette was New Edition's debut album. They later went on to be the likes of Bobby Brown and others.
First concert: The Commodores
Last concert??? Does chapel at work count? Kerrie Roberts sang at that.
Embarassing nickname? Nope
Major league ballparks: 1, Coors Field
States: all but 10, I think.
Guilty pleasure TV show: Judge Judy
Audra Jennings said…
I would give you a prize if I had one Christine.

I don't actually like Kool-Aid, but it is my word of the week since someone told me I should be drinking their Kool-Aid (figuratively). Therefore I keep making jokes about it though it was said to me seriously.

My first pet was a cockapoo named CB. My parents told me they got rid of the dog because they could not potty train both of us at the same time. I am not sure if I actually remember it or just pictures of it. It was a cousin of my aunt's dogs supposedly. Gigi and Breaker. Get it CB and Breaker? Yeah it was like 1978.

First record was Oak Ridge Boys with Elvira.For some reason I think my tape was the Smurfs All-Star Show. The Christmas I got a CD player for Christmas my brother got me a Diamond Rio CD.

First concert was the New Kids on the Block.their reunion tour would have been my most recent if I had not gone to Trans Siberian Orchestra which was what I imagine to be witnessing someone's acid trip.

Ballparks - been to games in 8 which includes both Arlington and Houston
Audra Jennings said…
Before the teams built new ones. I have. Seen 6 or 7 others from the outside.

32 states I think

Guilty pleasure show is Sister Wives