Which are worse - church stalkers or cyber stalkers?

I know that I've lost some of my one time "faithful" blog followers because I have just not been able to post stories like I used to. In all honesty, I just have to tell you that life has just not been all that interesting for me. Even less so than ever before, and it was pretty boring before. But I have a new train of thought and direction to bring a little life here.

About a month ago, I shared with you the story of the guy that called me while I was drugged up on Novocaine to ask if I was dating anyone. Although it does not make for interesting blogging, I am pleased to say that I have been able to avoid contact and conversation with him, even though we have been in close proximity to one another, for several weeks now. However, and this could be my imagination, I do think that some stares have been directed my way. I think this because I make sure that I am always on guard, knowing where he might be at any given time.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, let's say he's not standing around staring at me out of the corner of his eye (which he looks like he has the ability to do quite well). This futher provides evidence that he was never interested in me in the first place.

Let me start this next part by saying that I am not altogether convinced that I am actually on a man hunt. On one side of the coin, a guy would be nice to have around. On the other, I really don't know what I would do with one if I had one. However, the situtation above had me asking, "is there possibly any other options out there?"

Where exactly does a woman go-a-huntin'?

Well, Audra, if one wants to find a good Christian man, you look at church. Well, my looking at church doesn't go very far seeing as I'm ducking under pews to avoid Bachelor #1. Bachelor #2 is a story all his own. I'm trying to figure out how to say this without coming off as a terrible, horrible person. The one word that comes to mind is werewolf. Bachelor #3 hasn't entered the doors in some time, but I have been known to duck under racks of clothes at stores to avoid conversations there.

After working all week, I really don't want to drive up to Dallas to go to church elsewhere. Besides, I still stand by my stance that going to church just to find a man is wrong. I've been saying that since I was in college.

I'm certainly not going to go bar hopping. From what I know, and what I've heard of most unattached men in the entire town I live in, I really don't think there's much available without the type of baggage that Jerry Springer reveals on his dating show on Game Show Network. (Which just reminded me of something work-related I need to take a look at.)

So, that leads me to my next topic - meeting people online. What's are your thoughts? Join me tomorrow when I bring you more on that topic...


Virginia said…
I'm no help. I've met people but they were all girls and are now some of my closest friends.
Ally Jones said…
I think you find things you enjoy doing. Find others that enjoy doing those same things. Find places where people who enjoy those things meet and spend time together and go have fun.

Being around people takes energy and skill. Skills that are not taught anymore. But if you are already interested in the same things then that get's rid of half the stress.

Take a class... Photography, art, dance, antique shows, auctions something fun. Something that empowers you. Somewhere along the way you might find someone interesting enough to spend some time with.

Don't know of anything like this going on??? Well get something started. You are not the only person I have heard speak about all they have time for is work and don't have time to spend on anyone else.

All I have to say to that is.... It takes time and effort and if you are half way serious about finding some like minded people to have some fun with then it is going to take time and effort.