My first post of the year

Happy New Year everyone. On this second day of 2011, I make my first post of the year. I did not post yesterday because my New Year's Eve was uneventful and I really had nothing to talk about. In all honesty, today really no different.

This week at work, all the people I work with will be back in the office and after just working partial weeks the past two weeks, it's likely to be a rough week for all. Happy New Year, huh?

Later this week, I might have a topic to blog about that is mildly entertaining. I might have ventured there if I weren't BlackBerry blogging again. I am refusing to turn on the computer today since I have been at the computer here at home trying to check some things off my list for days. I decided that I needed to give myself, my computer, and my new desk chair a break. My couch was getting lonely. Now my Torch wants a break too because I have been attached to it too. I really ought to get myself up and get my book to read.