My version of a Friday night

This is pathetic. This is my Friday night. I left work after 5:30 because I was trying to finish something that I just remembered that I meant to really finish when I got home, but didn't. Shoot.

I ate fajitas with my parents. I came home. I sat on the couch to watch TV. I slept for probably two hours while Say Yes to the Dress played on the TV. I dreamed my mother quit my job for me. That was really bizarre.

I woke from my fog and checked a couple of things online. I tried IMing a guy on a singles site and got ignored. Any chance he went offline? Yeah, he and the guy I tried to message a couple of nights ago both. Yeah, we won't even go there.

I'm going to go finish that first task mentioned above and go to sleep. One thing is for sure. As hard as it was to get up the last couple of mornings, I am sleeping late tomorrow.

I need plans for next Friday night.