Strike three?

I really did mean to have this part of the story post a couple of days ago. Tomorrow's entry will explain more as to why it got delayed.

So, I'm on the CoC singles site for the third time. I really don't expect more this time than the previous two experiences. Not that I really expected much of anything.

It's ridiculous really when you think about it. Sort of pathetic. Women combing over profiles of men. Men combing over profiles of women. Ignoring one another. Though it's a lot easier to ignore someone while staring at a computer screen than in person.

You find someone interesting, and you are outside their age bracket because they want a woman younger than them. Or, they actually put a height or weight range on their profile. They may describe themselves as "heavy", but want someone "slim, slim-average, or athletic".

Or, you click on someone to see what they are all about and under what they are looking for in a woman starts off as, "submissive and must let me run the family." While I certainly understand the Biblical concept of a wife submitting to her husband, that is not the first word I want to see on a profile. They might as well put "domineering" as their first word to describe themselves.

So, you find someone who doesn't play the tuba, is open to women of all hair and eye colors, and decide to "wink" as in "I like your profile." Goodness knows, I haven't gotten a wink back.

There has been a time or two I've sent an email, "I thought your intro of being glass half-full with a twist realism was creative and interesting" or "I just wanted to know that there are some people out there that like you, do not want to have kids." It's just common courtesy to say "thank you" single men of the world.

The high point of my various times to be on the site has been making conversation in the chat room with the crowd that is there at any given time. If you ever catch someone of remote interest, it's a good place to make them talk to you.

One night, right after I joined up last month, I tried to talk to a 30-something guy about is favorite subject (baseball) in fact. I was trying to make an effort to engage him in conversation. We disagreed over the Cliff Lee signing, and he obviously didn't see it as a woman trying to make conversation.

A week or so later, he was whining about how he was awful at talking to women. I would agree with that.

Another night, I must have been doing some whining of my own. Though talking with everyone was fun, I really wanted to try to carry on a conversation with a guy somewhere near my age, in part, to see if I actually could. My whine was, "why can't there be any guys in here near my age." I'm really not into guys old enough mathematically to be my father. I'm also not sure that I would make a great cougar.

That's when one of my fellow chatters said, "I have a brother."

"Oh, yeah?"

"He used to be on here, but he closed his account. He's in China now."

And then, the subject migrated to something else.

I think I'll end the story there for now. Like the end of an episode of Grey's Anatomy or something. The previews have you expecting something big, only to leave you a bit disappointed when you tune in next time. ;)