I ain't afraid of no ghost

If my New Year's resolution was to blog every day, I would have certainly screwed that one up by now. I'm struggling with stories worthy of telling. And, I have several book reviews I should have done, but now forgot what the books were about. Actually, that's not quite true.

Tonight though, I'll tie a book review and story together. But since I started this blog some time ago, but have been chatting in the meantime, I think I'll only get to the story, and try the book review tomorrow.

Today was my dad's birthday, and he wanted the whole family to go eat at Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie. This place has been on Ghost Hunters type shows because supposedly the place is haunted. I warned Dad early in the day to not tell Peyton that the place had ghosts.

"Too late, I've already tried to explain to her."

"Did you make her cry?"


Field of Dreams (Widescreen Two-Disc Anniversary Edition)This is my concern since my re-telling of voices and ghosts from Field of Dreams. I made the poor child cry, if you will recall. She says she'll only watch the movie with me when she gets a chance. She took this ghost conversation throughout dinner really well. She asked the ghost's name, and I turned to my dad to answer, "Shoeless Joe." I'm very glad we didn't freak her out. I really thought she was going to be upset.

Safe HavenSo, speaking of ghosts, have you read Nicholas Sparks' latest Safe Haven? It's getting late now, so the review is not happening. There is the tease - review to come.