I may be lonely, but...

I brought up something regarding fangs on Facebook last night and was asked if there was a blog coming on this subject,
 so here it is.

Is it just me - often it is just me - or are the women on the Bachelor especially needy and psycho this season? I was quite pleased with last week's eliminations because the high kicking Rockette that was simply nutty left along with the two women bickering over basically nothing. one of the bickerers was just plain a psycho, jealous, delusional drama queen (Melissa). The other was a manscaper that tried to wax the Bachelor upon their first meeting.That alone may constitute crazy.

To go on a show such as this screams a need for attention and a level of desperation in and of itself. The cast of characters this season seem more so than ever before. A train wreck I just have to watch for some reason, perhaps to find the sanity of my own existence. If I just thought Melissa was plain psycho, jealous and delusional, she was just plain in comparison to the level of Michelle that has me convinced she is not acting and is on a whole other level on the totem pole of crazy.

For example, without a one on one date, she believes she is the one and all the other women are making a move on her man. What kind of  crazy says, "at the end, it's just going to be me and Brad alone in Tahiti practicing making babies." she also proceeds to say every other woman is acting like they are 19. That was a phrase of her sister psycho from last week. She is so rude in interrupting Every other one on one conversation and tells Brad that she doesn't want the other women spending time with him (the point of the whole show). He thinks she is joking and appreciates her eagerness. I feel for the child she left at home. And I thought guys didn't like such possessiveness.

Speaking of children, there was the whole Emily deal with her sad story of losing Ricky Bobby the NASCAR crewman. granted, his death in a plane crash was tragic. I give you that finding out that you are pregnant at age 18 with your deceased boyfriend's baby has got to be traumatic. But it has been retold so many times over three weeks that it has lost some of its impact. Why not just tell him, especially when given the chance?

And why was Madison the vampire girl so deeply touched that Emily needed Brad worse because of her situation? The moment that got me is when she sat down with Brad to talk and literally pulled out her fangs. Not figuratively, literally. She reached into her mouth and pulled off the veneers that made her pointed vampire fangs and laid them on the table. And Brad tells her she does not have to take out her fangs. Of course he had admitted he found them kind of hot.

If it takes growing fangs to get a man, I think I will pass. and I thought the guy who wanted to guard and protect Ally's heart and got a tattoo to prove it last season was bad.