How many books are you reading at once?

The trouble with Cowboys by Denise Hunter I really don't know how many books I have STARTED, and with as many books as we have releasing next week, I can't tell you how many I need to FINISH.

In the last 24 hours, I've finished two. One is a blog tour book we're working on right now, Denise Hunter's The Trouble with Cowboys. Be sure to check out my post from a few days ago with more info, including how you can win a Kindle! (Or just click to the left.

The other one I finished is an author I just worked with on her latest book, Sibella Giorello. I worked on her 5th books, The Stars Shine Bright. (I made a few posts about this one.) I'm still not sure how I missed reading her books before. I bargain book purchased her first book, Stones Cry Out because it's actually out of print. The publisher sent me books 3 and 4 which arrived this week, but I found a great deal on Amazon for book 2, River Runs Dry earlier today, so it's on the way.

I buy books even though I have a stack of at LEAST 30 paperbacks that I have not read yet (I bargain shop books, I tell you - or get them for our blog tours). That and MORE THAN 40 free books on my Kindle.

If it weren't for the fact that people
like me are the reason I have a job,
I'd start a book hoarder support group.

Now that I have spent part of my weekend reading (especially on this very rainy day in Texas), I need to finish cleaning my house. It's a dusty mess in need of vacuuming. Now that I've finished the office, wasted time on the computer, reorganized the bookshelves after dusting them, I must move on to the living room.

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