Attempting to escape the Rentalhood

It's no secret that I have issues with my neighbors. In the over 9 years that I've lived in this same place, neighbors in every other unit have come and gone a lot.

I celebrated the day the neighbors with the dog the size of a small horse moved off. They wouldn't put the dog out back to do it's business. They kept it out front where it pooped up and down my sidewalk. They claimed it was another dog. That it's rope tied to a tree wouldn't let it get that far. I would shovel the poop over to their yard. There's not another dog in town that could make such large deposits on my sidewalk. They really should have cleaned up after that dog.

There were the hoarders that lived next to me when I moved in.

Yesterday, I watched out the window as the mail truck slowed ever so slightly to see if it could pull up in front of the neighbors car, but with their trash can laid out in the street in front of the car, the mail truck sped back up and zoomed off.

Thank goodness my paycheck came on Friday or I would have been chasing the mail truck down the road.

Last night when I left to go run a couple of errands, there was a strange car parked on the other side of mine between me and a light pole (it's a wonder the light pole hasn't met the same fate as that telephone wire box). When I got home, I "swung wide" and parked at a 45 degree angle making sure that no one could park in my area without fear of being backed into.

I'll add another strange truck parked as close as it dared last night. Another car has been parking behind me at the risk of getting backed into. I cannot tell you how much I desire my own driveway and garage.

I just can't get over how people don't respect their neighbors. It's especially bad in "Rentalhoods" even though my parents had some issues over in their old hood with parking and having to move their mailbox around.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to look at a townhouse that I keep thinking about. Ok, so I've gone and seen it twice. It's really unique. I can see myself there except for the fear that it's not quite as much space as I really want to not feel claustrophobic after a while. Being here 24/7 has made me feel like my walls are closing in on me.

Today, I went to an open house of a beautifully done house that I know I cannot afford. The Realtor used to live down the street from my parents (before they moved). He was laying on the sales pitch, but also told me he would rent me a place he had and I could get out of the lease anytime if I bought a house from him when I moved out.

I don't want to live in another rental. Especially wherever it is on the street he mentioned.

Another house he has looks tiny from the outside. It's on a circle/cul des ac where neighbors were parked in front of the house.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, waiting on the bank to give me a pre-approval $$ number. I have a feeling that even if the payments (with insurance and taxes) were still less that I am paying in rent now that they would say that I couldn't afford any place that I would actually want to live in this town.

I know of people that can't make the money they must supposedly make in order to have the payments on some of the houses they own. If they can get some of the houses they have, I can't fathom why I can't get approved for a lot less.

I'm just hoping and praying that maybe this time around I'll get enough approved for enough to buy something decent (I've paid off my student loans and car since the last time I looked into it). I must get out of this hood!


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