Why you don't let a retired person plan your weekend

As I was saying last night, you don't let a retired person plan your weekend.

By saying "I need to get out of the house," I would have been content with things such as:

  • Going to Home Depot or Office Depot. Just not Walmart
  • Going to a movie
  • Going up to Ennis and back just to get Starbucks
  • Going to Cracker Barrel at some point during the day
These things would not take ALL-DAY-LONG and would qualify as getting out of the house. 

But, noooooooooooo. My dad has a tendency to be the activity planner without input of anyone else.

Here's his response, "I'm going to call the girls and see if they'll go up to Lois' with us." 

READ: Other side of Dallas and multiple hours, really taking up the entire day.

I say, "If you do that, you really need to go see Eula Mae because we've not gone to see her."

This is my way of saying, well, you really should be more broad in your plans and have you run this by anyone anyway.

So, we went out to Mildred to pick up the girls, then it became my turn to drive my Dad's boat of a truck (the only vehicle we all can fit in and take Lois out to eat) to Coppell, over to Carrolton to eat. From Coppell to Frisco and Frisco to Corsicana.

Not a relaxing Saturday. And I drove all of it. The whole way to Frisco and back, someone told Peyton it was ok to sit in the front. I hate driving three wide. There's not much room, and by the time we got back to Wilmer, my back was killing me, in part from the smush.

Coming and going, we also had to make an extra stop for the restroom. Someone should have gone when I stopped for a drink and Advil in Wilmer.

Once we finally got home, Paige stayed over here and Peyton stayed over at my parents. On Sunday, we all got up for church, then back to my parents to eat. 

By this time, Peyton was on question asking mode again. My mom and I were almost beside ourselves not to scream in exasperation. I left saying that I need to go to the grocery store for contact solution and toilet paper. (I ended up taking a nap and going for groceries later.)

My brother didn't pick the girls up until 3:30, then my mom had to go to Walmart. 

So, both of us are kind of ready for a relaxing weekend again. We went back to work today. Dad went back to playing Spider Solitaire.


Lisa said…
What a cute post! It felt like a story in a novel that I'd love to read! :)
Audra Jennings said…
Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lisa!