I think that I am missed

After being with the 5th graders for a year, I have now been away from teaching Sunday morning Bible class for four weeks. I took a break when they went off to junior high.

But I think they miss me.

Tonight, Thomas came up to me. "Do you miss me?"

"No." Then, I thought about it and kind of felt bad. "Well, maybe. Kinda."

He nods and says, "yeah," and was on his way.

I stepped across the aisle to talk to someone and Emily came up.

"Do you miss me?"

"Thomas just asked me the same thing. I guess I kind of do."

I do, in a way. Interacting with the kids. Not the trying to keep the quiet so I can try to teach something. I don't miss the crowd control. Or trying to figure out what the 1970s material is getting at in between suggesting the singing of songs to strange tunes.

My assumption, and I assume incorrectly often, is that the fact they are asking if I missed them is that they in fact miss me. Right? Maybe? I'm going to make myself feel all warm and fuzzy and go with YES. Who doesn't want to feel like they are missed.