It's Sunday, and I don't want to blog

I turned on my computer because I needed to check my email and post a blog. And I'd really just rather not. You ever feel like that?

I did get my house cleaned and straightened up - so much so that Paige was very impressed that my towels were folded and put away instead of in a basket at the foot of my bed like is there at least 300 out of 365 days a year. She came over here to get something with me after church today.

Today I didn't really get my nap in because since Friday morning the whole weekend has been somewhat in the air since my aunt, Carol, passed away. We didn't know what family might be around when. Then some of the family doesn't so much talk to others (myself included), so you never know what might be said when it is. Kind of stressful.

And it's the end of the weekend, and I'm just tired. And know I'll be busy once I can start working tomorrow after the funeral with 8 new books coming out this week. So I'm rambling.

I was listening to the Rangers try to hold it together for a much needed win (they make me cranky), but I guess Revenge just came on. I'm trying to decide if I'm over Revenge. I think I may be.

I think I would rather just listen to it online for noise while I'm at the computer.