A pressed pennies Pinterest project

Ok, so here it is... I have actually followed through on a project I found on Pinterest. Actually, I guess this is the second one because I have made baby blanket using a crochet pattern I found on there.

My mom's friend Ruth Ann told her she saw a pressed penny bracelet on Pinterest. My mom had forgotten to tell me that, but I heard someone talking about it a month or so ago at Belk. I looked them up, and there were some cool ones, but I didn't want them dangling or bulky.

Last weekend we got the loops at Hobby Lobby, and today my dad drilled the holes in the pennies, and I made these two bracelets. I still have quite a few pennies left, but I picked my favorites.

I did ask Dad if he wanted to practice on one from Branson first because I could probably get those replaced easily. Times Square was less likely.

I like how they tuned out. The only thing about the ones with the vertical pennies is that they tend to flip. I may take the extra rings out and have it more like the horizontal one.

It's hard taking a decent picture of your right wrist with your left hand.

Laid out so you can see them. 

My first penny - I got it when my dad and I went to Disney World the summer I graduated from college.

I have plenty left to make more. It's funny how the one top row - second column - just looks a bit smushed, but the original imprint. The bottom left hand corner is like that too. The machine across from the Alamo didn't work too well.