My life's not fair rant

I've been rejected a number of times over a number of things in my life. A string of "no's" when interviewing for jobs. A lot of "no, I do not want to interview that author" responses.

But this week, I have been rejected more than anyone with an excellent credit score should have.

Let me just do this public service announcement for anyone who falls under the technical definition of "self-employed" even if you are contractually working for a company with regular hours and pay. If you have not been self-employed for two years, you better be able to buy a house with cash because you will not be able to buy a house otherwise.

The exception to that would be the ability to pay a rather large down payment - one larger than the typical payment these days.

I'm telling you, banks will not look at your credit score, your bank balance, your debt to income ratio, your income, anything if you fall in the self-employed category and haven't held a self-employed status for 2 full years, even if you've been in the same line of work for 10 years.

Thanks Federal Housing Administration. Thanks for tying everyone's hands with regulations so that banks can't look past that one fact.

So, that right there is my rant. I'm stuck in the rentalhood. Next to the people that tell my landlord, "it wasn't us parked in front of the mailbox." Next to the kids banging on the wall. Next to the cast of Three's Company and their new puppies. Next to all the visitors to Jack and company and their parking everywhere.

And stuck within the walls that are closing in on me. And stuck with my mom saying, "you need a bigger place. You have too much stuff." Surely she'll stop saying that now. Surely. When I've told her, "I struck out again." She's asked, "what reason this time." "The same reason as all the others."

I told her I jinxed myself with picking up paint chips at Home Depot. I also bought a curtain panel to match the one I have in my living room now so that I could cover the other window in the townhouse I wanted.

Yes, I am thankful I have a job, a paycheck, a place to live, etc. I really am. However, just for today, I'm allowing a pity party rant on my own blog.

Tomorrow, I shall hang up the picture frames I've not hung up over the past few weeks on the slim chance that I would have to take them down soon.

Tomorrow, I shall vacuum and dust because I've been needing to anyway.

Tonight, I shall log off and go take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and fill it back up with the week's worth of dishes sitting in the sink before the roaches really come out in mass.

With that, I better go.