Women who have not found husbands. Or do not want one.

I think I may have acknowledge Mother's Day less than anyone I know. I did get my mom something, and told her "Happy Mother's Day a day early." It counts.

Over the years, I've had less than warm fuzzies about Mother's Day. Long story. Not going there in this post.

Oh, I did dig up a photo saved in an album on Facebook of my mom and me to share since I was the only one on Facebook who didn't do it up to the moment I did it.

Anyway, the subject of Mother's Day. That was the sermon topic of this morning. The role of a mother, scriptures on motherhood, etc. Our preacher went on to talk about what the scripture that says, "shall be saved by childbirth" meant.

Obviously, you do not have to become a mother to receive salvation. "What about those who cannot find a husband? Or do not want one?"

Aha! This second part. I know who he was saying that for. After services tonight, I took Rachel (aka the church secretary) out for ice cream in honor of her birthday yesterday. I asked her about it, and she said, "he knew he better phrase that right."

I definitely wouldn't say that I don't want one, but I wouldn't say that I'm actively looking in order to find one either. It just is what it is.

The last time a guy chased me was... If you don't count the two 12 year old boys who chase me around the church and parking lot every service... never. One is probably reading this blog post because that's what he does. He asked me yesterday if I took my Sunday nap. That's a little stalker-ish Didymus! ;)

On that subject, Didymus' friend had a birthday last week. He did not get treated for ice cream even though my dad probably thinks I should. He likes to prod them on and tell the I have cake and ice cream at my house. Anyway, his mom posted a picture of him and said, "Little did we know 12 years ago how much our lives would change."

All of her friends were nicely wishing him a happy birthday. I posted, "this is the child I threatened with bodily injury last night, but tell him happy birthday for me." His mom's response was, "little did you know how much your life would change."

Yes. I can't get out of the church building in peace! ;)

Speaking of 12 year olds or almost 12 year olds (in one month!), I need to talk to Paige. I need to hear more about her "date" to the jr. high dance last Friday that she did not tell me about. Her mother said that the boy asked her "as friends." Paige called him her date to my mom. I hear she got pizza sauce all over her white capris before the dance, but she didn't feel so bad because he got chocolate all over his fly. Awkward!

What I do know is that this boy is the one she had an eye on during basketball season. They grow up so fast!