I finally got my lazy Saturday

I FINALLY got my lazy Saturday that I have been lamenting about for weeks. I slept in until 9:30, and would have had breakfast out in the sun room like I've been doing on the weekends, but it was cold out there this morning. 

That's another topic there. Talking about the weather these days is more than just "talking about the weather." What is going on? One day it's 80, the next day it's in the 40's or something like that? It was quite warm on Monday for the girls' first softball games. Thursday night, we were in sweatshirts and blankets getting through a miserable game. Friday night got pretty cold by the end and tonight it was back warm again. Not that I'm not appreciative of cooler weather because it will get hotter that hot here in Texas before long, but what is up with this? It's May!

With four games this week, Peyton's almost already have way through her softball season. She only plays for a month, but all of her games somehow got piled into the first half. Paige will play 10 games over May and June. She was glad her game got cancelled on Thursday after all. 

Back to my lazy Saturday, I didn't have to do anything until Peyton's game at 5:00.

I did work on my bills -- yeah, not an exciting or fun Saturday activity -- so I have those all done for the month. Then, I worked on my Shutterfly scrapbook from my vacation last July. Why I have not worked on it more before now, I couldn't really tell you. Too many excuses or other things going on, I guess. Or I forget about it for a period of time.

Everyone was amazed that I got into my house, had 3 rooms and the hall painted and all my pictures hung up in 6 weeks. Oh, and all my boxes unpacked. I admit I was on the ball. 

You'd think I could finish a scrapbook in 9+ months. 

This week, I also got back to work on a crochet project I started a year ago. I know why it isn't finished. I've done several, make that at least 2 afghans, 1 cocoon, 8 hats and an ugly scarf since I started it. 

By next weekend, let's hope I can give a big update on both.