I really don't care anything about football

Being the good aunt that I am (hey, I just want to be visited one day in the nursing home), I went to watch Paige cheer at the jr. high football games last night (yes, two - 7th and 8th grade).

I have never, ever, ever cared about football. Never have and never will.

I don't really care enough to watch the cheerleading, and by the looks of Miss Paigey at moments last night, I'm not sure that she does either. At least her mind was somewhere far, far away. I could tell by looking.

It was also still in the 90s and my clothes were sticking both to me and the metal bleachers. And the sun was in our eyes the entire time.

Some things never change though. One certain person there yelling in the stands was yelling just like he was back when Brian was in jr. high and high school when he had sons the same age as Brian and I. This time he's hollering at both his youngest son and grandson who are Paige's age. (Yes, seriously.) When Mom and I heard him we just laughed, sharing the same thought, "some things never change."


Thomas said…
I was there! I was on the 7th grade football team (#22).