Sometimes you just think better of it... or blog about it in a roundabout way

Yesterday, I thought about a post that probably would have been titled something like "When a new guy shows up at church." I thought better of it though.

It definitely would have been good for a laugh, but the parties involved in the long version of the tale would have been evident, and you never know who might be reading. It also would have been incriminating when it came to someone who did a whole online fact finding mission.

Fine. I'll admit it. I was the one using Google to prove a point... that my mother is not a good judge of age. Let's just leave it at she's a lot like my great-grandmother who used to talk about all the "old women" at the nursing home when she was the one that was 100.

At the heart of what that whole post would have been about is: why do people think they have to fix other people up?

At this point, I realize I'm posting about it without telling the funny parts.

If any single person is visiting a different congregation, even if they are seeking a church with more single people, don't make it awkward by thinking you need to be the instigator of a potential love connection. You may send them running for the hills.

For one thing, you don't know enough about the new person to know if they would be a good fit with the person you have in mind. Then again, how well do you know the person you have in mind? Do you know what they are looking for if they are interested in finding anyone? When the pool of singles is shallow, there is a high likelihood that the two people are not a good match anyway.

Besides, it's not a huge congregation. Single people will talk to one another eventually and they are grown adults who can make their own decisions on whether or not they should go out to Sunday lunch, a movie, whatever.

And in case you are curious, I WAS NOT the person mentioned in being fixed up. No one ever wants to fix me up with anyone. Ever. Except that one time I heard of and I was insulted by the person mentioned. And that was probably 10 years ago. That's a whole other blog post... my resentment of how everyone always wants to fix everyone else up, but never me.

That subject may be revisited at a later time.