Thank goodness for fall TV

I'm so glad the new fall TV season has started since I'm pretty sure that the Rangers won't be playing past Sunday.

But, it doesn't seem like I've been around to watch all my usuals, or have been watching too many things at once.

Case and point. I've only watch 30 minutes of 4 hours of The Voice off the DVR. I decided to save and sit down and really enjoy my time with Adam Levine even though I lament Christina's return.

I was really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and the two hour season premiere, but I was a bit disappointed. Don't go to work for Seattle Grace, Seattle Grace Mercy West, Grey Sloan Hospital because you are sure to die after getting hit by a bus, having Alzheimer's (I include this because two main characters had it - both loves of Chief Webber), a gunshot, a plane crash, or electrocution. I have been watching old episodes on Net Flix, and I think after last night's episode, that's at least 6 doctors, not including other significant characters to die. We won't talk about how many of the surgeons have had surgery.

Next week brings Scandal back to us! In watching all the old episodes of Grey's Anatomy, I have decided that all previous members of B613 were once patients on the show. And most other cast members too. I don't think Olivia, Fitz and Mellie were, but I could be wrong. (I started with season 3 since I have 1 and 2 on DVD and watched them plenty already.)

Surely, Scandal is going to be good, right?