Painful renovation

After a months' long hiatus of trying to remove the wallpaper from my bathroom, I tackled it again this past Saturday.

Seeing how much better the designated wallpaper scraper worked than the putty knife I had been using previously, I called and begged my dad for his help. While we got a majority of it down, we still have some left. Oh, and prepping before I do whatever I do next. I think it's going to be wallpaper I had left from the last time I papered because I don't want to texture the walls the way my dad knows how to texture. That would be less messy than texturing and painting.

And oh my goodness the mess we had to clean up after taking down the other day. It was awful.

A part of me also thinks I'm going to end up with mesothelioma because I would not doubt there was asbestos in the old wallpaper.

All this because I thought the old wallpaper was so ugly. Who am I kidding, it was that ugly.

Saturday night when I was sitting in my living room it hurt terribly to move. My legs were sore from climbing up and down step stools, the side of the tub, and up to stand on the lid of the toilet to strip paper.

What was worse were my elbows. I hurt from the back of my neck to my fingertips. My wrists were sore. It hurt to raise my arms up at the shoulders as I slept.

It was painful. Absolutely painful.

I just hope it looks a lot better when I finish than it did when I started. I hope there's a big difference.