Sunday School videos are back!

I loved my group of kindergartners, but I jumped up this Sunday to the 3rd and 4th grade as they begin their new school year. Peyton is a 4th grader and I have been trying to get her Sunday morning class since my 5th graders promoted up last summer.

With the older group, I am back to doing videos. Rachel did videos with them last quarter after the popularity of the ones I did. We had to rush through part of class today, so instead of acting out the story, I quizzed them.

Another new element of the videos is to sing a new song they learned or one they learned better. Basically any song that is not "The Color Song," "Blue Skies and Rainbows," "Three Wandering Jews," or "Kumbayah." I've already warned them about those songs and my deck of song cards.

As promised, I got the videos uploaded tonight. So, without further ado, here are the Westhill Church of Christ 3rd and 4th graders!

They told me they didn't need books to sing the song that they knew the words. I knew better, but here is their first take...