Yeah, I'm the mean teacher

I told you last week about how I was at my wit's end when the bell rang at Bible class.

Side note... I'm seeing the preview frame of the video below and thinking of how I need to hang something new, whatever it may be, on the walls in there.

Back to my story... Peyton realized she pushed me to far last week and was on her better behavior this week. She confessed her naughty activity. I still had problems with another child who I will not name and may now have the reputation of the mean teacher.

If only I had that reputation when I taught school. That's a "what if" that I could possibly write a book on. Interesting thought, I suppose.

It's really hard to teach our material to kids, especially through Romans. I feel like a failure as a teacher because I am really not sure if any of the kids got anything out of the past couple of weeks that they could relay to anyone when they left.

Here they are reading some of this morning's main references from Romans 5-8. And Grant chose the song of the week, "Seek Ye First."