Crafty, but not crafty weekends

I thought I was actually going to get back to be crafty this weekend. Last weekend when we went shopping for some patterns and such, Mom picked up something for her door for Valentine's. I was going to work on it, but it ended up yet another crafty shopping day.

First off, of all things, we ended up buying rolling IV poles at the salvage place in town to use to hang stuff from in our booth. Then, we went to buy some wood for Dad to cut some things we kind of needed instead of Dad cutting up the thicker wood just for the sake of having something to do.

Except the thing is, we didn't like the wood at Home Depot. We got some messed up stuff last time that I hated working with and we couldn't get rid of fast enough. This time I got really picky, so we had to go venture to Waxahachie and went to Lowe's and Home Depot up there.

Now, Dad can cut more Texas that we don't need when he fits them in between other things he cuts. I told him I had to find something else for him to do because Mom and I cannot pack up any more extra Texas. We have way too many as it is. But they are easy to cut he says, and he doesn't have room for big pieces of scrap.

On the way to Waxahachie, we found some books at a thrift shop, so I'm going to have to start marking books to keep him occupied.

If anyone wants something special cut, I might make you a good deal right now! I have to make some patterns for Rachel because she wanted something made. I told her as long as she covered the supplies, he'd cut it because as soon as the weather got back up over 40 so he could go in his building he would be bored. He knows I said this, so I share it here.

Stay tuned for more crafty pictures soon!