PR tips to start off the year

There's something about a year when we make an effort to do something we've been saying we are going to do for a while.

Caitlin and I have been talking about doing Facebook Live videos talking about different PR and social media tips for months, maybe even years. This is the year for less talk and more action. Every Wednesday at 12:30 PM CST on the Litfuse Publicity Group Facebook Page, you'll be able to catch a new video.

I won't be on the video every week, but there are two things for sure. Just in case I am on the video, I will make sure I get up and straighten my hair every Wednesday morning. I will also do something to make sure I don't have a big scabby zit on my chin. I'm a hot mess. I hate seeing/listening to myself, so I won't even watch to see if I was staring at some weird spot the whole time.