Just better

Sometimes I scroll through Facebook or read someone's bio online and wish I was a more motivated and goal-oriented person. I've been an eye-roller my whole life when the word "goal" comes up. It's one of many character flaws that I think is embarrassing to admit.

The trend of the past few years has been to dump the list of New Year's resolutions and pick a word to live the next year by. I won't say I've rolled my eyes at that, but I usually think, "I'm just not that inspired."

After seeing a bunch of "My word for 2018 is ..." posts, a word hit me. BETTER.

There are so many things I want to do better. I just want to be better. It's not a lofty goal that I can fail at or fail to reach (or maybe it is). Surely, of all the things on my list, I can do some things better this year.

I started journaling and doodling the other night and have a list.

  • Eat better. (I may or may not have in this area. I had salad two nights in a row made from romaine lettuce that may or may not be tainted with e coli according to all sorts of news sources.)
  • Be better about getting out and walking. (So far, this has been an epic fail because it's been so cold, and I've not put serious thought into it.)
  • Do better about going to bed before midnight. (Well, at least I haven't been up until 2 yet this year.)
  • Do better about getting up to the office, ready to work at 9 AM. (Sigh. Regardless of my start time, I do get my 8 hours in every day.)
  • Do better with blogging and not have to back post like I have been. (Uh... I'm a couple of days late already.)
  • Stay on your Bible reading plan better. (I started it 3 days late because I just finished the one- year plan I had been on for the past five years, making it a five-year. Thank goodness I picked a plan that has two days of catch up each week.)
  • Have a better attitude on social media. (It took me 6 days to say I was ready to log-in to my Snark-casm Twitter account. Remember, I'm already behind on blogging. At least I didn't say what I thought, and was going to say it on my anonymous account instead just so I could say it out loud. I didn't even do that. Can we call that progress?)
There were some other things on my list too. I don't know that I've improved on anything yet. Little by little, I will do better.