Weekend adventures part 1

Angie and I met up with Rakia in honor of her birthday which was last weekend. At least we got around to acknowledging someone's birthday. Angie and I were so busy in November we didn't get around to taking each other out for lunch. 

We headed up to Fort Worth where Rakia lives. Rakia and I have been talking about going to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for years. Even though the gardens are open year round, I don't suggest going just any time of the year. Most of the gardens are plain out brown right now. The Japenese Gardens boasted being beautiful year round, so we decided to give it a shot. As you can see, there is some green, but a good bit of brown and naked trees. 

You can also tell I was looking into the sun for our fourth attempt at a selfie.

Thankfully, bamboo is green year round.

I have been here in the spring, and I can tell you all those naked trees are beautiful red maples. We'll have to go back to see them.

I love taking pictures, so was looking for anything green.

There are tons of koi fish. Tons. Angie got some fish food at the gift shop and they swarmed, flocked, swam up in mass.

Rakia asked the docent about how the fish got their color. We got a full explanation about fish breeding for color. She also told of how they want to get rid of the dark fish because they didn't do anything for the aesthetic of the gardens as they swam around the pond and up to the paths to be fed. 

Poor black koi. It seems terrible to talk about them like that. It's racism towards fish. They are trying to find a place that will take them off their hands. 

The gardens weren't the only thing we did. I'll share more photos of our adventures sometime next week.