It's Krystal clear who needs to go home on #thebachelor

Tonight I am actually starting this blog on time and hope I can finish it in the two hours. I am also hoping by the end of the night Chelsea, Krystal and Bekah are gone. Ok, I hope most that Krystal is gone.

Some of the women are sitting around talking about how they think the age difference between Arie and Bekah - 14 years - is a big deal, and he needs to know. I really don't know that many of these other women are much older than 22. At least a few of them are young. Krystal has decided she is going to be the voice of reason.

Chris Harrison comes in to tell all the women it is time to pack up because the 15 of them are about to head out of the mansion on a world-wide journey. First stop: South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. (You've got to start somewhere on a worldwide journey.) No doubt, Lake Tahoe is a great place to fall in love (insert my own sarcasm). Brittany says Lake Tahoe has been on her bucket list.

Kendall enjoys the cabin where they are staying because there is all sorts of taxidermy.

Soon, Bekah goes to the door to pick up the date card. She reads, "Sienne, let's let our love soar."

She's a little nervous because after the last one-on-one date, Lauren S. went home. 

Arie soon shows up and everyone goes giddy. He takes Sienne off on a boat trip. After they leave, Krystal is convinced Sienne will be going home tonight.

While Arie and Sienne are parasailing, the women are watching from their deck with binoculars.

After they land, Sienne asks Arie about his family. He sees his parents almost daily. They talk about one of his younger twin brothers who just got married. Sienne shares her surprise over getting the one-on-one and how she is nervous about how the last woman on a one-on-one went home. Arie assures her they had a good talk on the first night and their first kiss made him want to take her out on a date. In fact, the date was probably coming late. It was a boring conversation. She is trying to engage with him, but he's not much of a conversationalist.

At the cabin, Maquel gets a call from home. Her grandpa died. She packs up everything, including her dried out dead roses, and leaves without talking to Arie. We don't know at this point in the show if she will be back. 

The next date card arrives. "Chelsea, Krystal, Becca, Marikh, Ashley, Jacqueline, Jenna, Tia, Kendall, Lauren, Brittany, Caroline - Will our love survive? Arie."

Krystal is all shades of jealous that Bekah will get the other one-on-one. After all, Arie wants a woman, not a girl. 

At dinner, Sienne tries to make conversation again while Arie is zoned out. She talks about not seeing many love stories growing up with people that looked like her. Her parents divorced when she was young. Arie was actually paying attention and does give her a rose. From there, they get a concert from Lanco (with an audience). I have no idea who that is.

So, group date time. Krystal thinks it will be interesting because there are some big personalities, but none of them are compatible with Arie. Just her. She's compatible and confident. 

They start off on a hike, then meet up with a former Army Ranger. He and his wife are going to put them through survival training. Their first test is peeing in a bottle. Off they go. Then, when they get back, they have to drink it. Oh, thankfully, they were just kidding. They just have to eat bugs instead.

Krystal is too good for all of this. Kendall isn't though. She "stole" a kiss, making Krystal all the more annoyed.

The women pick up backpacks, then realize, this means they are on teams by color. The three teams have to follow the map to get them to the end of the journey. Some teams seem to be doing better than other. The red team (Marikh, Chelsea, Brittany and someone...) don't know where to go. Arie's team arrives first. (It's rigged.) Under their winter clothes, they are all wearing swimsuits so they can get in the hot tub.

Krystal may go nuts. She can't handle the flirting going on. It all seems so juvenile to her. She's juvenile! Krystal thinks it is exhausting watching all the women go after him. She doesn't know what she's going to do, but whatever it is, "It's going to be perfect."

Arie invites Lauren to go off first. It isn't easy for her to open up, but wants him to know she is trying. She asks him what he is looking for. He wants an independent woman, but wants to be her cheerleader too. They share a kiss before anyone interrupts them.

Kendall has always wanted to eat a bunch of bugs. She likes to try new things and challenge herself. It was beautiful that they kissed after the bugs. That may not have been what she meant. It's what she said. He asks her about the taxidermy. It seems she brought a duckling with her, not to the date, but with her on the trip. Arie tells Kendall to bring it to the rose ceremony.

Krystal isn't getting enough attention, so she speaks up in the group and talks about how hard it is being on this group date. She thinks they are being obnoxiously overbearing. Pot, meet Kettle. Oh my word, she's so full of it. Everyone starts getting annoyed at every word coming out of her mouth.

Women start leaving the group. Tia and Caroline start talking about their hate. Everyone starts faking her voice in their own camera interviews, including Chelsea.

When Krystal has her alone time, she whines about how she feels like there is a target on her back since they had a one-on-one date so early. She feels ostracized. Arie asks for examples. Krystal calls out Tia and Caroline. Someone tries to interrupt them, but Arie sends her away. Krystal is floored by the immaturity going on and all the insecurities. So, she pulls Tia and Caroline off to talk to them to complain about their behavior in the hot tub. Krystal thought they were making fun of her. Tia tells Krystal that's how they feel with her all the time and that she needs to quit playing the victim. Tia calls Krystal out for rubbing it in how she has already had a one on one date and asks if she was whining to Arie. Tia gets up and goes to talk to Arie.

Tia tells Arie she doesn't want to focus on people who talk about everyone else. She wants to talk about them. Then, she cries about her insecurities. It works for her because she gets the rose.

Krystal thought she was clear with Arie about what was going on. She's going to trust him though.

While we don't see the date card read, we learn from Krystal that the last date card to Bekah says something about a stable relationship. She anticipates a horseback riding date.

Sure enough, Arie and Bekah meet up with Cowboy and General. In the voice over, we hear about how he thinks Bekah is mature and is looking forward to the day.

At the cabin, the women wonder if Bekah's age has come up and if Arie knows how old she is. All of them (even in different groups) think it will be a deal breaker. 

Arie and Bekah change into swimsuits once they find a hot tub. She rubs his collarbones to feel his metal plate. He gets talkative on the subject of racing. She likes him as a person, not just their chemistry.

It's dinner time. Arie wants to know if their goals line up and they are in the same place. He loves how easy she is to talk to. He loves how open and honest she is. Is she ready for marriage if the time and situation is right? "In life, are you ready for that step. There were times I thought I was..." Arie talks about how he has grown up and how things are different for him now than when he was in his 20s. She starts talking, then asks if he knows how old she is.

Bekah doesn't want to tell him, then says she's 22. He's shocked. He knew she was young, but not that young. She's casually dated guys in their 30s, but not a serious relationship. His demeanor changes instantly. He's not sure what to do. Is there too big a difference? Has she lived enough life yet?

Bekah says her sister got married at 19, her brother and his wife were 21. She tries to assure him, but she gets kind of rambly weird. Arie just tells her he's worried that he goes through all this, then realizes she isn't ready if it goes that far. He picks up the rose. He's so worried about if she's ready, but feels she has so many of the qualities that he is looking for. He gives her the rose. For this week. He may change his mind next time.

Bekah tells him, "Fine, send me home and find someone you KNOW will..." She tells him there are no guarantees.

It's time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Get ready for the catty scramble and for claws to come out. 

Krystal gives a speech and everyone has decided no one wants to hear this. The ladies expect Arie to walk in the room, but are surprised when Chris Harrison shows up. The women are told Arie has made up his mind, so there's no need for a cocktail party.

Sienne, Tia and Bekah have their roses. Who will stay and who will go?

The women line up. Arie walks in. He gives a little speech. Picks up a rose. Krystal interrupts him and takes Arie out for a talk. The women all find this disrespectful because Arie made it clear that he knows what he wants to do. Whatever she says is whispered and breathy, so whatever.

  1. Lauren
  2. Kendall
  3. Ashley
  4. Becca K
  5. Chelsea
  6. Jenna
  7. Jacqueline
  8. Marikh
  9. Krystal
UGH, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. That means Caroline is going home. Who is Tia going to team up with now? That also sends Brittany home. I liked her. I thought there was more going on with her than Marikh for sure.

Next week, will Tia be the first one to say she loves him? The women will go to Arie to tattle on Krystal. 

As the show comes to an end, we are shown a conversation between Chelsea and Marikh where Marikh accuses Chelsea of "Glam Shaming" because Marikh was fixing her hair on the group date. It's pretty nutty. These women are crazy.