Enough of Krystal the resident drama queen of #thebachelor

For reasons I can't get into, I have had an emotionally and mentally draining day. I was downstairs and ready to blog on The Bachelor when it first came on except for the fact my laptop didn't even want to open an internet browser when it came back on. I've wasted 20 minutes trying to get going. I even tried my junk computer that couldn't get an internet connection. I'm having a similar problem here. 

I will admit saying, forget this stupid Bachelor blog because I just couldn't deal, but now, hopefully, I am on the right track. 

I hope Krystal gets sent packing tonight, and if the teases are a true indicator, it could happen. But when are the teasers ever an accurate indication?

From Lake Tahoe, they move on to Ft. Lauderdale tonight. Arie thinks Ft. Lauderdale can be a beautiful place to fall in love. I know. Big shocker. There have been season were Albuquerque was, so why not Ft. Lauderdale? After all, there are beaches and yachts everywhere as Arie points out. We know where there are yachts, there is love, right?

The women ooh and aww about their room. They all hope to spend time with Arie. Arie arrives to their hotel room to give them a run down of the week. The dates start today.

Instead of handing off a card, he just asks Chelsea if she wants to go on a date.

It’s been four or five weeks since she has seen her son Sammy, but she doesn’t want to talk about that. She wants Arie to get to know her, not just the mother. How has he really known her as a mother anyway?

They go out and board the yacht for the day.

Back in the hotel room, Lauren B. is surprised she isn’t the one getting the one-on-one, especially after last week. Maquel comes back following her grandfather’s funeral. She is so happy to be back. The women fill her in that Arie is out with Chelsea.

Of course, the women can see Arie and Chelsea on the yacht from their hotel balcony using a telescope (yes, a telescope). Then they watch the two of them make out on the jet skis.

For the dinner portion of the date, Arie and Chelsea go to a car museum. He has to see if there is really a connection there or cut her loose so she can go back to her child. Arie asks Chelsea about her ex, Sammy’s father, since he’s still such a part of her life. The ex was older than her (she was 20 at the time) and more successful. He had a lot to offer her when she did not have much growing up. The relationship lasted about 7 years, and he left when her son was 6 months old. Baby Daddy and the woman he left her for are now married with their own son.

At the hotel, a date card arrives. It reads, “Maquel, Krystal, Bekah M., Becca K., Jenna, Sienne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Jacqueline, Lauren B., There’s not a moment to spare. - Arie.”

That will put Tia on the one-on-one date.

At the car museum, the conversation continues. He doesn’t want to waste her time, but today was amazing, so Arie gives Chelsea the rose. They go into another part of the museum for their private concert with Tenille someone. I’m out of the current music loop by a lot. Chelsea feels in tune with the lyrics being sung, and I just can’t deal with the sap right now to be honest with you.

So, the “spare” in the date card clue refers to bowling. I don’t know why Arie is shown licking a bowling ball, but that’s gross. Bowling is evidently what they do when they want to have fun in Arizona.

The fight is on for Arie’s attention. Instead of fighting for Arie’s time, Krystal thinks that Arie needs to come to her. Yeah, that’s going to work.

The women are split into two teams. The winners get extra time with Arie while the losers do not. One team has an obnoxious cheer I cannot even explain. Krystal prays over the team which made for an odd moment. Unfortunately, Krystal’s team does much, much better and wins. Arie is a little bummed that the losing team doesn’t get as much time. They shut themselves up in a locker room to get away from Krystal, but Arie changes his mind and decides everyone can come to the cocktail party anyway. This makes Krystal more than a little miffed.

The women head back to the hotel to change. The women discuss how Krystal lost it on the bus, calling Arie a liar and saying all sorts of things. Krystal says he should have talked to them instead of just deciding and telling them. All the women get ready, but Krystal is strolling around the room in her robe. She tells the women she is not going with everyone. When she is asked what they are supposed to say, Krystal says it’s because he was disrespectful and didn’t include her in his decision.

The rest of the women head out, and leave Krystal on the couch. As much as I dislike Bekah, she does a pretty spot on impersonation of Krystal. The women talk more about how ugly she was being when Arie walks into the club. He says, “We’re all here…” when the women point out someone is missing. They fill him in on the temper tantrum on the bus and her behavior to follow.

Arie doesn’t want to be unfair to the women there, but says he needs to check on the situation. He goes out to see Krystal. The women aren’t pleased, but hope the result is that she packs it up and goes home.

Arie enters and Chelsea and Tia tell him where to find Krystal. She is quite pleased when he arrives, thinking she has won. He gives her a hug, then they sat on the bed to talk. She tells him why she felt disrespected. When Arie tells her that she could have said the same thing downstairs with everyone. Instead of giving more of himself to her like she wants, it makes him pull away. He tells Krystal to stay there because he is going to go talk to the others. He’ll see her in a few days.

Kendall talks about all of her relationships moving fast, but this environment means she gets to take it slow. The opposite of what anyone would normally say about this process. She’s an odd one.

How Bekah and Arie rub each other’s faces and hair, it is a bit much. Arie is still a little worried about the age thing.

Arie talks Becca to his room for some private time. Becca is worried that she still smells like a bowling ball since she didn’t have time to shower with all the drama.

Upstairs, Krystal decides to get dressed and go find Arie. When she comes down (but she has to go up too), Bekah is in middle of making fun of her. No one is happy about her arrival and the room falls silent. Krystal wants to make yet another speech. After some women try to call her on her crap, and Lauren walks off, Bekah asks Krystal if she’s a liar since she changed her mind about coming downstairs.

Krystal leaves again.

Lauren wants to play twenty-one questions with Arie. They ask each other some getting to know you questions. Lauren decides the chemistry is still there.

When it comes rose time, Arie says something to Kendall, to Maquel, then ultimately gives the rose to Lauren.

Let me insert here that I am annoyed that commercials for next week show Krytal, so I am annoyed.

The next day, Arie and Tia set out for a swamp date out on the Everglades in a air boat. The find themselves getting an up-close view of an alligator. She also freaks out seeing a turtle.

They arrive at a cabin on stilts. It took the guy 10 years to build it. He also likes to go froggin’. Tia says they do that in Arkansas too. They eat frog legs and deep fried corn.

Tia has to explain frog giggin’ to Arie. They talk about this and that before having their kissy kissy moment.

Later in the evening, their dinner is surrounded by boats. He’s impressed she earned her doctorate in physical therapy. They move on to talking about faith and if she can marry someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs she does. Tia goes on to tell Arie that she is falling in love with him. With that, he gives her the rose.

While he doesn’t profess his love for her, Arie tells the cameras that he feels more himself with Tia than anyone else. As they make out, Tia says she wants him to push her into something. Alrighty then. He puts her back against a post.

Moving on to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party…

We learn that Krystal was hiding in her room all the past two days. Krystal says she was not hiding, she was investing in herself. While the women don’t think she should be there anymore, Krystal is going to do what she can do to get a rose.

After another Krystal speech, the women are speechless.

Kendall brought her question book with her. She has written all these questions herself. He picks the number 99. The question reads, “You are visiting a tribe that’s tradition was to eat someone who has passed away. Would you try human meat.”

His eyes about pop out of his head. He said, “No, it would have to be a life and death situation.” Kendall would though. It’s a curiosity thing. Arie tells her she is strange.

Meanwhile, Krystal cannot believe the girls have nothing better to do than talk about her. She gives another speech about what she did yesterday. She is willing to chat with them privately, but does not want to address the group and be attacked. Kendall decides to talk to her one-on-one. After going round in circles for a while, Tia joins in. After that, Bekah takes a turn with her. She asks Krystal why she is still there. More and more about being hurt. She’s like a parrot repeating herself. Bekah has enough and storms off.

Krytal is done (flashes her hands and says it’s glitter) with trying to work it out with the women.

Jacqueline and Arie explore their chemistry…

Krystal has her time with Arie. She explains getting jealous of seeing him with the others. Arie reminds her that she probably knows him better than the others because she went home with him. She claims her response was out of character due to the circumstances. Supposedly, her mom worked at a bowling alley. The men that came in promised her mom things that never happened.

I think she’s making this up. She comments on how this is their first fight. Arie tells Krystal this may be their last fight. She feels like Arie is cold to her for the first time.

It’s rose time. Chelsea, Lauren and Tia have their roses.
  1. Bekah M.
  2. Sienne
  3. Kendall
  4. Becca K.
  5. Jacqueline
  6. Jenna
  7. Krystal (last one again for who knows what reason)

Going home are Ashley, Marikh and Maquel.

Next week: On to Paris. And Krystal getting more obnoxious.