Ordinary people who found extraordinary love

Rhonda Stoppe shares inspiring stories

of true love orchestrated by God

Do you believe in true love? In a world of broken relationships and hurting people, it can seem as though heartache is all around us, marriages are doomed from the beginning and relationships aren’t worth the risk. However, in Real-Life Romance: Inspiring Stories to Help You Believe in True Love (Harvest House/February 1, 2018/ISBN: 978-0-7369-7141-6/$14.99), Rhonda Stoppe sets out to show that heart-fluttering, long-lasting love is all around us, if we just take the time to look for it.

Stoppe warns Christians not to let the world define romance but to examine how God is at work in the hearts of His people — knitting together hearts in a love that forever endures. Each chapter tells a real-life account of how God brought together two hearts and intertwined them so completely that their love stands firm regardless of the trials of life. Readers will see how from the highest heights to the depths of sorrow true love shines brightly. They will also discover how God’s plan is for couples to love each other so deeply with His love that their marriage is a light to draw others to know Him.

“Why do love stories draw us in? I think it is because we each long for our own happily-ever-after, and if you’re a mom we pray for our children to find lifelong love as well,” Stoppe writes. “Love stories give us hope and inspire us to believe that true love, forever love, not only exists, but it is alive and well in couples, average couples, whose depth of love for each other makes them anything but average.”

Real-Life Romance is not a marriage self-help book; rather it is a celebration of love stories that honor Christ and are a testament of God’s faithfulness, showing that true love exists and endures. Gathered from years of ministry and from the author’s friends and family, these real-life accounts will bring laughter and tears to readers as they read of ordinary people who found extraordinary love. Stoppe believes audiences will find inspiration to:
  • rekindle the romance in their love story,
  • trust in God’s providence and timing,
  • faithfully hope for their own happily-ever-after,
  • celebrate true romance,
  • and believe in lifelong love.

Stoppe wrote Real-Life Romance with the desire to meet readers, whether the readers are married, divorced, widowed or single, where they are and fill them with hope and inspiration, not only for their own happily-ever-after, but for generations to come. “At first I thought I was writing this book for married people, to inspire them to rekindle the passion in their own relationship as they recall God’s providence in their own love story,” Stoppe explains. “As I wrote, however, it became apparent this book is also for single people (from teens to adults) who not only love a good love story but are also waiting for God to guide them to their own happily-ever-after. If it’s His will for you to marry, He is able to bring two hearts together to fall in love with each other and spend the rest of their lives glorifying Christ together.”

Each chapter ends with a “Ponder This” section to reflect on how God was at work in the story shared, as well as an “Ask Yourself” segment for personal application. Additional special features, including photos of the couples and video clips, will be available on Stoppe’s website, www.NoRegretsWoman.com.

Advance Praise

“Ever wonder if a Christ-centered romance is possible? This book is filled with real-life stories that will rekindle your hope and remind you how good God is at writing the best love stories!”
~ Renee Swope, best-selling author of A Confident Heart

“Everyone loves love. And even more so, we love a great love story! In Real-Life Romance, we hear and see how God weaves hearts and lives together to create something amazing! If you are wondering what's next in life or in love, turn the pages of this book, and let the love God has for you infuse love into your relationship.”
~ Pam Farrel, author of Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti and Red Hot Monogamy 

“How do men and women fall in love? Their stories are as unique as the couples themselves, yet as we see in Real-Life Romance true love not only brings couples together, but also can guide them to true satisfaction in God. If you've been heartbroken by marriages that don't last, be encouraged by this book. True love is possible, even for fallible humans. It's inspiring to read about how God still works in real lives, real marriages!”
~ Tricia Goyer, author of Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God's Word One Step at a Time

About the author

Rhonda Stoppe is the No Regrets Woman. With more than 30 years of experience as a marriage mentor, pastor’s wife, author and speaker, Stoppe leads women of all ages to live lives of no regrets.

Using sound biblical teaching through humor and honest communication, Stoppe teaches women how to apply God’s word to live boldly through the power of the Holy Spirit. Stoppe has appeared on radio programs and has spoken at women’s events, MOPs groups and homeschool conventions around the nation.

Stoppe is the author of Moms Raising Sons to be Men, which mentors thousands of moms to guide sons toward a no-regrets life, and If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy & Other Myths Wives Believe, helping countless women build no-regrets marriages. Her latest book is Real-Life Romance.

Stoppe lives in California with her husband, Steve. They have four adult children and eight grandchildren.

Visit Rhonda Stoppe’s website www.NoRegretsWoman.com for more resources on love, marriage and parenting. She is also active on Facebook (RhondaStoppeNoRegretsWomanand on Twitter (@RhondaStoppe).