I'm already really hating some of these personalities on #thebachelor

After a craptastic day, I'm trying to blog tonight from my little junk laptop I haven't turned on in three months, hoping I can get through The Bachelor tonight. My regular laptop decided to go off the deep end this morning. I needed to restart it for something and it has been "Getting ready for Windows. Do not turn off computer," all the live long day. I've turned it off and tried to bypass it, took out the battery, and am going to have to do what I Googled via troubleshooting... let it do it's thing as long as the circle was moving. It could take a couple of days which is ridiculous.

So, since it's the computer I usually work on, and had to deal with that today, I'm in a foul mood. Thankfully, I have another computer, or I would have been losing money by losing work hours today. Add to that trying to track down a business I bought something from in Canton weekend before last to give me a refund on something I actually paid for three times and some other issues (personal and work related), and I'm just plain out grouchy.

Now, after getting home a few minutes late from Family Dollar, answering an email and typing this intro up, I'm now 17 minutes late into the show, and all I wanted to do all day besides get Taco Shop for dinner (which I didn't do) is start The Bachelor on time.

Without further ado, here we go...

Arie is going to ride his motorcycle up to the mansion tonight, or this morning, I guess. The girls are sucking up their mimosas. Chris Harrison calls everyone in to explain the date cards for the week.

The first date card reads, "Becca K. - Hold on tight - Arie."

Chelsea is already pouting since she got the first impression rose last week. All the women follow Becca and Arie out as they put on their helmets and ride off on the motorcycle.

In the house, Chelsea talks about being jealous of the physical proximity while another woman (don't ask me who) talks about her dad being in a motorcycle accident and not wanting to ride. She knows of people who lost body parts and would have asked for Arie to not ride for their date.

When Becca and Arie get to some house, designer Rachel Zoe is there to dress Becca for the rest of their date. She tries on some dresses and models for Arie. After picking the dress, Arie brings out a box with some Louboutins to wear. Then a Neil Lane representative brings some jewelry for her to wear. Arie puts earrings in her ears which is kind of awkward. He leans in for a kiss. Becca confirms he has pillow lips.

At the house, Becca brings all her stash in so she can take it upstairs to get dressed. All the women are drooling and prying their jaws off the floor in awe.

Becca heads back out in her metallic dress for the fake dinner in the room with the candles. He talks about himself and says he is willing to answers questions about his experience. He thought it was good for him even though it didn't work out.

Back where are all the women are sitting around in one group, they are talking about the women who got kisses the first night. The date card arrives...

"Krystal, Home is where the heart is. Arie."

She doesn't want to gloat, but quickly decides it is time for beauty sleep.

Becca shares about her seven year relationship and how her ex got her through the death of her dad (who had brain cancer). He was diagnosed when she was 14. They talk about that a bit and compare families. He reaches for the date rose and hands it to her. She also gets to keep her earrings from the night. Not the necklace, but the earrings.

The next morning, Krystal and a few of the women tried to decide what her card might mean. Is he taking her home already?

Krystal takes a limo to the airport where they fly off on a private jet to his home in Scottsdale. He shows her the Pizza Hut where he worked at 16, some trees where he had a first kiss... They go to his old high school where he pointed out the principal's office where he spent some time.

They go to Arie's home where he shows her around, his bedroom, his closet, his old photo albums. They watch old home movies. Arie evidently didn't know what was on the videos as he is really embarrassed at some of his antics. Then, Arie takes her over to his parents' house. This is a little soon. She meets his parents, little brother and new sister-in-law.

At the mansion, the next date card arrives. The nineteen remaining women who didn't have one-on-ones want to be on the date card. 

"Macquel, Marikh, Tia, Valerie, Annaliese, Lauren G, Kendall, Bekah, Jenny, Sienne, Jenna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibianna, and Chelsea. Let's hit love head-on. - Arie."

That leaves three women, including a couple of Laurens, Jacqueline and Ashley without a date. That's if I am tracking right. (I said last week at the end that Jenna went home because I lost her in the string of roses somehow, but she's there tonight. I guess just eight went home. Eight was not enough.)

At some point, Arie and Krystal flew back to Los Angeles for the evening portion of the night. She had an amazing day seeing what his life is like, but now, she's worried about opening up too much to him. Now, after the day being all about him, he wants to know more about her. Krystal says she grew up in a non-traditional way. Her parents divorced when she was young. Her father wasn't around, and her mother wasn't very present. She helped raise her little brother. She shares an emotional story about her brother calling her from the hospital after being attacked. He had been homeless and went back to the streets following the incident.

He thinks she's amazing and hands over the date rose. Arie tells her the date isn't over yet as they finish up their conversation at the fake dinner table. The first private concert of the season with Collin Dermott. (If I spelled that wrong, I apologize. I am not familiar with him.)

The next morning, Krystal is hesitant to share much about her date even though the women are asking for details. She doesn't want to share the details of "their relationship."

The women don't like her being so vague. Bibiana thinks it seems shady.

On group date day, they are all dressed out in workout clothes, some more inappropriately than others (like Bekah). They go out to an old dirt track and Arie comes out in an old car showing off. They are going to do do a demolition derby. They can spray paint their own cars, then are going to wreck them. Running into each other with cars seems like a bad idea, all things considered. They are supposed to miss barrels, but instead some of the women hit every one.

Annaliese is crying because she had a bad experience with bumper cars as a child. She was so alone and scared and this is her worst nightmare. Arie walks up and asks what's up. He tells her she doesn't have to do anything she's scared of. Arie promises to protect her. Of course, this annoys all the other women. (I think this might have also been who had the traumatic motorcycle stories, but I am not sure.)

After putting on their race suits, the time has come for the derby. They race until the car quits going. You want to hit cars in reverse. Each woman has their own personalized helmet and climb into the cars. Annaliese is freaking out again with Arie and in her interview as they bring fire extinguishers.

Annaliese takes a hit quick. Then, she quickly decides to start taking people out. Bibiana takes out some agressions. However, her car takes too much damage to quick. Brittany starts taking out people. I get whiplash just watching it.

Sienne and Tia were the last women standing. When Tia loses out, Sienne walks away the winner and will get extra time later in the evening.

But first, there's a cocktail party. The fight will be on for time. Bibiana was going to go first, but Chelsea snatches him first. Of course, the women hate her.

Chelsea wants to talk to him about why she came off as mysterious. She starts to talk about her son, Sammy. Even before Emily, who was a mom, he lived with a woman who had two kids. She brings up how she has to be serious about this going in, and Arie says he understands how hard it is for her being away. Kiss time.

When Chelsea comes back, she tells everyone that she revealed the information about her son. The women interrupt saying, yes, she has a kid, but she doesn't need to discount everything else they gave up to be there because everyone gave up something.

Siennne talks about her time at Yale and studying abroad in Italy and Brazil. He's impressed by her, talking to her, then kissy kissy.

Hope the flu isn't going around.

The women discuss their order of time. Claws start coming out. 

Bibiana has an attitude and isn't going to go get her time now at the end of the night. I don't know what her deal is now, but I have been pro-Bibiana up until now because she seems normal.

Bekah gets her time. She gets on my nerves every time I watch her. She's so over dramatic. Her first kiss could be described that way too. Way too much. 

When Arie gets the rose, he speaks about how Chelsea opens up to him, but Sienne impressed him. If looks could kill, Chelsea would be an assassin. 

Moving on to the cocktail party and rose ceremony night. 

Bibiana is hoping to get her time in early tonight. Arie goes and gets Brittany first though. She got hurt at the demolition derby. She didn't get cleared to go back to the date cocktail party. He wants to give her a certificate for "Most Hardcore."

Bekah and Arie sneak away to the front of the house. She says she always has to have a fur. Her coat is a little much. They make out again. 

Even though Krystal has her rose, she's going to make sure she gives her time too. She interrupts Lauren B.'s time. She didn't have a date this week, so Arie asks for a little more time. When Lauren walks in, Krystal latches on and kisses him and calls him pet names. Krystal tells him she won't tell anyone what they did at his house. I can't stand her sugary self and the sound of her voice. She gets all giddy giggly and won't share any details of anything about tonight's conversation either. 

Kendall brings out the taxidermy seal. Someone plays truth or dare. 

Finally, Bibiana gets her time. They talk about his dog that he brought back from Scottsdale. That eases the stress for him. Krystal sneaks back out and wants to interrupt. Bibiana says she does mind. They get a minute more before Krystal comes back out. Bibiana is hoppin' mad! She calls Krystal out when she walks back in. Krystal tries to play sweet, "I only had two minutes." Krystal says she was, "Checking on" Bibiana and did ask first. Bibiana speaks for the crew. No one says anything.

Chris Harrison walks in to clink the glass.

As you know, Becca, Krystal and Sienne already have roses. As the speech goes, some people he has connected with quickly, while he hasn't had much time with others. 
  1. Macquel
  2. Jacqueline
  3. Bekah
  4. Jenna
  5. Chelsea
  6. Lauren S.
  7. Tia
  8. Annaliese
  9. Lauren B.
  10. Kendall
  11. Brittany
  12. Ashley
  13. Marikh
  14. Caroline
  15. Bibiana (Sweating it out until the end!)
That sends Lauren G., Valerie and Jenny home. Jenny walks out without giving him a hug like the others. Arie goes out of the room to speak to her. Jenny says she had friends and was sad to leave already. She's actually pretty ticked.

That's it for the week. There's a wrestling date and supposedly some drama coming up next week.